A Mock Time

Title: A Mock Time
Author: Chibi Yomi
Email: chibielly @ yahoo .com
Website: N/A
Pairing: S/Mc
Rating: Pg-13
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, barely own the storyline
Summary: Either the slash version of Amok Time or just the really
messed up version. It's not overly slashy but I did throw in as many
hints as possible

Kirk: I'm saying the opening monologe cause I'm better than all y'alls

Spock: *Spasm*

Kirk: Something wrong?

Spock: Need... to go to room..... for a while...

Kirk: Ok...

Kirk: *Enters Spock's room* Spock is something wro- GAH!!!!


Kirk: *Weirded out* You got it!

Spock: Take me to Vulcan.

Kirk: I'll get around to it.

Spock: Now dammit!

Kirk: No! Go see Bones.

Spock: McCoy.... Hmm.... That could work too...

McCoy: *Enters Kirk's room*

Kirk: How is he?

McCoy: Jim, if we don't get him to Vulcan he'll die.

Kirk: Bummer. Looks like I'm gonna ignore Star Fleet again.

Spock: Thanks for ignoring Star Fleet. Captain, please come with me
to Vulcan, I'm allowed to bring a friend. McCoy, also come with me
for other reasons not disclosed.

Kirk: Yay! Feild Trip

Spock's Fiance: *Vulcan gibberish*

Spock: *More Vulcan gibberish*

Uhrura: Who's she?

Spock: My wife.

Chapel: Dammit!

Rest of Crew: *Shock*

Kirk: *Doesn't care*

McCoy: *Jealously*

Important Vulcan: Do you take this Vulcan to be your lawfully wedded
wife so you may have relief during pon far? (a/n: mating season)

Spock: I do

Important Vulcan: Do you take this half-Vulcan to be your lawfully
wedded husband so you can have relief during pon far?

Spock's Fiance: ...Fight to the death!

Spock's Fiance: You! Fight!

Kirk: Umm...no?

Important Vulcan: Of beliefs are fucked up, so go fight.

McCoy: I hate Vulcans!

Kirk: I dare you to say that louder.

*Spock and Kirk fight....Spirk fans go wild*

McCoy: Can we cheat?

Important Vulcan: Go ahead.

McCoy: *Gives Jim a shot* This will help you breathe better, I swear!

*Kirk goes back to fighting*

Spock: Dammit Jim! I only get to have sex once every seven years! You
get to do it every day! Can't I go at it this once?

*Spock "kills" Kirk*

Spock: Shit

Spock's ex-fiance: I don't love you and I'm just as evil and
manipulative as that woman from Essex Boys though less desired.

Spock: Double shit! Let's go home, McCoy.

McCoy: I hate you!

Spock: I'm gonna turn myself in for the murder of the captain.

McCoy: Look what I found!

Kirk: Yo!

Spock: Jim! *Huggles* ...Errr.... *pulls away*

McCoy: Actually it's one of his clones, but it does the trick.

Spock: The hug meant nothing!

McCoy: Of course not

Spock: Thank you *starts to leave*

McCoy: In a het fan's eye!

Spock: *Eyebrow raise*

~Das Ende~