A Most Amazing Sight

Title: A Most Amazing Sight
Author: Ster Julie
Rating: PG
Characters: S, Mc (pre-slash?)
Genre: Drama
Parts 1/1

(A/N: This is a missing scene from Operation: Annihilate! It's
all done in dialogue w/o the "he said" stuff. Context clues should
tell you who is speaking.

This was inspired by Sorlak's artwork showing a blind Spock being
led by McCoy (Found it on The Cub's Side of the Mountain site.)


Doctor McCoy?

What's wrong. Spock?

Look into my eyes.

Are you seeing anything?

No. Please, Doctor. Just look into my eyes.

Spock, I'm going to place my hands in either side of your head to
steady you. Okay, I'm looking into your eyes. Now what?

Shhh… I can't do it!

Were you trying a mental trick on me, Spock?


What were you trying to do?

Whenever I regained consciousness in Sickbay, I was always so
disoriented. I would see your blue eyes and I could ground myself

What did you see when you looked at my eyes?

I saw hearth and home. I felt secure.

What would Jim say?

Why would he say anything?

I thought you two were, you know, close.

Jim is my spearmate, my captain and my friend, but he is far too
mercurial. There is a brashness, a recklessness in him that
precludes any security.

So you're saying that you feel safe with me?

Is that such a bad thing, Leonard?

Oh, Leonard is it now?

Am I being presumptuous?

Not at all. I guess I've gotten used to 'Doctor.' You can call me
whatever you like. But first let's get you out of this lab and
somewhere where you can rest. Your body went through so much
today. And we'll need to find another way to help you become

You said I could call you whatever I wished.

That was fast. So what have you decided?

I wish to call you T'hyla.

Which means?


That's nice.

You sound…disappointed?

Not at all.

It also means brother.

That's nice, too.

You are disappointed again.

I am –not- disappointed!

Are you interested in it's third meaning?

Alright, I'll bite. What's T'hyla's third meaning?

It's most common usage is lover.


I overstepped again.

It's just a surprise, Spock. A BIG surprise.


I made a stupid mistake today that cost you your sight, your career,
too, if I know Starfleet.

It was not your fault, Leonard. I volunteered to get into the booth.

So, even though your whole life changed in the blink of an eye…poor
choice for an analogy, Spock. Sorry. You want to call me your
friend and brother?

No. Are you disappointed still?

Not in the least. I thought you wanted to call me T'hyla?

Remember that T'hyla has three meanings.

Oh, yeah. Lover.

Does that disturb you?

It's just that I… I feel so damn inadequate, Spock.


Because of what happened today. And no amount of you telling me
that it wasn't my fault is going to make me feel any less guilty…
Spock? Spock? Are you all right? What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong.

Why are you smiling?

I am grounding myself in your most amazingly blue eyes.

My eyes? Can you see? You can see!

Yes. A most wondrous sight, T'hyla.