A New Beginning

Title: A New Beginning
Author: T'Lin ( LinkyS@aol.com )
Series: TOS
Rating: PG-13
Codes: S/Mc
Part: 1
Summary: After Spock's Katra and body are reunited, he and McCoy have a 'conversation', which inevitably changes both of their lives.

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Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own the Star Trek universe, I just play there. No copyright infringement intended and no money made. Although the characters and setting belong to TPTB, this original work of fanfiction is the property of T'Lin, 13 February, 2005.

Author's Note: My muse has been on vacation for several months now. As a result, I found it difficult to answer the scenario assigned me, and asked for a new one, hoping that a couple of ideas would get the creative juices flowing. The following vignette is not a direct answer for either of these scenarios, yet in some ways, answers both (at least partially). The 2 scenarios I was given can be found after the story.


by T'Lin -- 0502.13

Lying here ... tossing ... turning ... my mind racing ... I don't know how to slow it down ... I fear what could have been ... what might have happened ... I can't help but wonder if this has all been a dream, and the madness will overtake me once again.

'It is not a dream,' Spock's voice whispers in my mind, which only adds to my misery ... is he still there? am I imagining hearing him? Am I insane?

'You are not insane, I assure you,' the voice insists. Before my mind has time to question this latest remark, I hear him once again, 'the re-fusion was a success, yet part of me has remained ... it is nothing to fear.'

But I do fear it ... and he senses my fear. 'Leonard, I will help you through this, but you must trust me. Open your mind fully to me, and I will help you find rest.'

I try to relax ... willing myself to open my mind to him, yet still fearful of what he will do. Do I fear the intimacy of such an act ... or is it the vulnerability of it.

I hear soft laughter, and realize that it is Spock ... madness, indeed.

'No, not madness,' he says, with another soft laugh, 'I have always found your fear of intimacy amusing. That same fear kept you from seeing what we could have had, if only you had let me in.'

I gasp, as images flow into my mind ... images of some of the more vivid fantasies I have had over the years, that I never would have acknowledged if he were not in my mind. But here, there was no denying them.

'There is no need to deny them, Leonard,' he says, as the images shift, and I realize that what I am now seeing are *his* fantasies ... which were far more erotic than I would have ever imagined. Luckily for both of us, the flow of images is brief. As they come to an end, Spock says, 'So you see, there is no need to fear this connection we share ... after we both get some much needed rest, I hope you will consent to further exploration of all we have discussed this night.'

I smile, and assured him that we most certainly will ... and with that, I feel myself drift off to sleep t long last. 

~the end


Scenario: Write a S/Mc in which either of the boys describes his deepest fear.
Scenario: Write a S/Mc where one of the boys reveals a hidden talent.