Anything but a Drabble

Author: Sorlak
Title: Anything But a Drabble
Rating: G
Pairing: K,S/Mc,f
Summary:Kirk, Spock and McCoy are sick of Sorlak's drabble fever.
Disclainer: Paraborg owns it not I, but I do borrow them.

Anything but a drabble:

I was just sitting on my little futon in my room, trying to come up with
another drabble to beat out DS9 in the current challenge set when I heard an
odd yowling outside my door. Thinking it to be my cat, I called out to him.

"Come on in Charlie!"

A moment later a tall man with dark hair stepped in, holding my now content

"My name is nor Charlie, however that may be the name of the cat you pay
more attention to than you do us."

"Who are you?" I asked. I couldn't see who he was because of the black
cloak he was wearing. "And I only see one of you."

Two other men stepped in, also wearing cloaks. "We are your muses Sorlak."
The first one said.

"We are the ones who never get any because in your need for great detail,
you get distracted and never finish our stories except in drabbles." One of
the two remaining ones said.

"We need more length to our tales. They don't have to be epic long, just
longer than a drabble"

"But I get writer's block really bad..."

"Then write a drabble and add some story too it."

"I'm working on Spock and Mccoy's wedding day..."

"You haven't touched that story in almost a week!" The first man said as he
took off his cloak revealing Spock, one of the two main characters of the

"We could have gone on from he proposal and be onto the honeymoon in RL by
now if you actually finished anything." The third man said as he revealed
himself to be McCoy.

"Hurry up, I've got a ceremony to perform!" The final cloaked man said as
he took of his own cloak advertising the fact that he was Kirk.

"All Right! I'll get on it as soon as I do all I can to defeat DS9."

"Be certain that you do, otherwise we'll take away your ability to write
anything by ten page or longer PWP's." Spock said as they left me alone
again in my room.