A Russian Christmas

Title: A Russian Christmas
Author: Qzeebrella
Archive: yes to the Haven, and to Doctor's-fuh-q-fest
Rating: G
Summary: Pavel has everyone over for a Christmas party.
Disclaimer: Star Trek and its characters belong to Paramount. This story is mine, no profit being made.
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Pavel sang a Russian Christmas Carol "We Three Kings of Orient Are", proud that one of the kings had been a Scythian an ancient people that wandered in and around what was now Russia. He poured the colored sand within the two panes of glass creating a sand painting and put it up over one window. Snow was deep and plentiful outside, the temperature a balmy 20 Celsius, winds light across the Sea of Okhotsk, and his friends should be coming for Christmas dinner any moment now. He loved his mother's winter home in Magadan, loved being with her for Christmas.

Captain Kirk was the first to arrive with Nyota and Scotty. Both the captain and Scotty were bare faced, but had fake fur hats and good winter coats on. Nyota was in an embroidered coat, knitted hat and scarf, the only way he could tell it was her was by her smiling eyes and her laughter.

He let them into his mother's large house and as soon as they got out of their coats, sat them by the fire. Handing the captain and Scotty some Vodka and Nyota some hot chocolate with whip cream piled on it.

"It almost sounded as if you were singing when we got here." Nyota smiled, "what was the song?"

"I vas singing the traditional Russian song, Ve Three Kings, in honor of the one that came from vhat vas then Russia." Pavel replied and heard a snort from behind him, turning to see his lover Hikaru and smiling.

He walked up to Hikaru and kissed him passionately. "It is a true story."

"If you say so." Sulu murmured dazed.

A COMM signal went off near his mother's terminal and he parted from Hikaru reluctantly to answer it. Seeing Doctor McCoy and Mr. Spock in their home in Georgia. "You are not coming?" He asked, disappointed.

"Oh we're coming." Doctor McCoy said, "Is that area behind you with the round rug going to stay empty for the immediate future?"

"Yes but vhy do you ask?" He was confused about the question then heard the sound of a transporter as he saw Spock and McCoy disappear. He turned around and they were there.

"Bones! You actually trusted a transporter to get you here?" Captain Kirk sounded very surprised. For that matter Pavel was astounded.

"It was better than the blasted cold. Not much better, but better." He stomped over to where the vodka was and poured himself a healthy shot.

Spock followed him and helped himself to some tea from the
traditional set he saw. "Traveling here by transporter was more
comfortable for us than trying to bear the cold would have been. This tea set is aesthetically pleasing." Spock admired the antique silver set done in the Russian style.

"It came to my mother through her great-great-grandmother who lived in Leningrad." Pavel informed Spock. "And it is balmy outside today. You vould not vant to be here vhen it was cold."

McCoy harrumphed. "You bet I wouldn't if the weather outside is what you consider balmy."

Nyota walked over to the upright piano near the fireplace. "Can
anyone here play a few carols?"

"I know how to play the piano." Spock offered, then sat at the piano. Leonard went to stand beside him, Jim stayed by the fire with Scotty, Pavel sat on a plush sofa with Hikaru nestled in his arms. Everyone sang to the first 5 carols then Spock and Uhura performed for them as they chatted with each other.

Snow started falling outside as Leonard leaned over and kissed Spock on the cheek. Warmth coming from the company of the people more than the fireplace and the heating system.

Leonard watched Spock while sprawled out on the rug, eyes half closed, blissful and happy. Feeling Spock's thoughts wrap around him in a hug.

The end.