Bait n' Switch

Title: Bait 'n Switch
Author: Lyrastar <>
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The characters, uniforms and all things Trek belong to
Paramount/Viacom and remain unfairly so despite their exhibited
inability to keep track of their stuff.
Challenge (Recycled): Explain why at the end of TMP Spock and McCoy
are wearing each other's uniforms.


Spock tossed it in the recycler just before he refastened his fly.
They emerged from the head flushed and just a little rumpled, but
none noticeably the worse for the wear. Spock smoothed his hair.
McCoy wiggled his other arm back into the sleeve and straightened the
stiff outer tunic until it lay flat.

"Come on, Spock. Jim is going to miss us in a minute." Together
they beat it down the passageway to meet the captain at the


On the bridge viewscreen Vger had disappeared. The Earth glowed a
bright and brilliant blue. "Unnecessary, Mr. Scott. My task on
Vulcan is completed."

McCoy grinned broadly and rocked on his heels. Cramming his hands
deep into his pockets, something crinkled unexpectedly against his
fist. He pulled it out and looked. It was a 6-pack of S'Tone Man
double ribbed condoms--one missing.

Blushing furiously McCoy glanced at the department emblem on Spock's
arm. Medical orange. The one on his own was science green.
Hurriedly he yanked the tunic off over his head and held it
out. "Here, Spock. I think this must be yours."