Better than Biscuits

Title: Better than Biscuits
Author: Farfalla the Butterfly-Kitten
Email: blueberrysnail @
Codes: S/Mc, K/Mc, K&S drabble
Rating: PG
Summary: Part 2 of the McCoy the Jolly Bigamist
drabble series


At 0630, Dr. Leonard McCoy was completely asleep. At
0631, he awoke to find himself encased in a blanket of
naked male flesh. Surrounded from all sides, he smiled

"Morning, Bones," said Jim into one ear.

"Happy birthday," said Spock into the other.

“Very well-coordinated, gentlemen,” McCoy murmured

“We planned it in a meld,” Jim explained.

“So you would not be likely to overhear,” Spock added,
tightening his embrace.

"If this is my present, I think I like it," said McCoy
with a grin.

Jim grinned and he wiggled his body appetizingly "We
call it a breakfast sandwich."