Book Store

Title: Book Store
Series: TOS
Author: Sorlak
Rating: G (All right, there's one tiny kiss.)
Subject: Spock and McCoy in a book store. McCoy reading a comic book
Challenge: Write a story with superheros.
Thanks: Thanks Tempest! (Hopes for a really long challenge out of
the machine next.)
Disclaimer: Paramount owns it, not I. Though I bring out the boys
so they can have some fun too.

Book Store

"Leonard, What are you reading?" Spock said as he looked down at
the old comic book McCoy
was flipping though.

"One of my favorite old comic books Spock. It just reminds me of
when I was a kid."

"I see no reason why there should be so many illustrations. One's
imagination should be
sufficient to provide the images"

"Spock, some kids that read these might not be able to read well,
but that's not the important

"What is it then?"

"For me, it's the super heros."

"What is a super hero?"

"I suppose they don't have those on Vulcan. A super hero is a
person, real or fiction that seems
larger than life. Everything that he does is for other people, he's
well known and often popular.
Sometimes they have abilities very different from most humans."

Spock stayed silent, absorbing the information.

"I suppose you could also consider a super hero a role-model."
McCoy said as they sat down in
a couple of chairs in the book store.

"I suppose there might be one 'super hero' known to Vulcans..."
Spock said.

"Who Spock?"


"He might be to you, but there's one you left out."


"You." McCoy said as he kissed him before getting up to pay for the
comic book.

**** END ****