The Attack of the Killer 'Fic' Bunnies

Title: Attack of the Killer `Fic' Bunnies
Author: Qzeebrella
Archive: yes, if wanted
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Disclaimer: None
Rating: PG
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Attack of the Killer `Fic' Bunnies

I look around my apartment
I look down upon my feet
They are everywhere I look
They are everywhere I go
Ambushing me
Coming seemingly out of thin air/

They are of all different colors and hues
Are of different temperament
All have melting
Deep brown eyes/

Their ears look soft and silky
Their fur oh so petable
When you see one for the first time
You can not help yourself
You lean down to touch
You lean down to stroke
The seemingly innocent and appealing
Bunny rabbit/

Pour soul caught unaware
Ensnared without warning
Captured by a sly predator
With an unassuming appearance
You are bitten
Swallowed whole
By the ravenous
Killer `fic' bunny

You can not help yourself
You are overcome
By an irresistible urge
A compelling idea
Lures you into a whirlwind
You have to write
You need to write
Almost more than you need to breathe
It prevents you from taking rest
Torments you to do it's bidding
This first Killer `fic' bunny

It is an insidious species
No matter where you meet it first
No matter how long ago
No matter how far you travel
Wherever you may go
It stalks you persistently
Finds you wherever you may hide

And once it gets into your home
By crawling under a door
Or through a window
Or by materializing by your feet
It starts to reproduce
Rapidly and without cease
Until you are surrounded by
Followed by and swallowed whole
By many different kinds of
The Killer `fic' bunny

There are many sub species
Of the insidious `fic' bunny
This vicious predator

There is one that inspires fluff
Long haired
Looks sweetly innocent

The one that inspires angst
Painfully slim
Nervously twitching over there

The one that inspires silliness
Multi colored
Clownish and clumsy

The one that inspires death
Of a beloved character
Wearing a cloak that conceals its features
Carrying a miniature scythe

The one that inspires PWP
Constantly mounting other bunnies
While wearing lingerie

There is one that inspires sensuality
Lounging indolently in a corner
Looking somewhat debauched

There are many other killer `fic' bunnies
To numerous to mention
They can live in any climate
They can get through even
The smallest hole
They are tirelessly persistent
In stalking you everywhere
They can hide themselves from sight
Like chameleons they can blend in
To whatever the surroundings might be

So if one day you should happen to see
A seemingly innocent bunny rabbit
With melting, sorrowful, pleading
Deep brown eyes
Ears so soft and silky
Fur looking petable
Innocent and appealing
And find yourself wanting to bend down
To touch the bunny
To stroke the bunny
Please be aware

That it may be a Killer `fic' bunny
Wanting to take you unaware
To bite you
To eat you
To swallow you whole
To pursue you
To stalk you everywhere
To torment you to do it's bidding
So please beware of the possibility
Of the attack
Of the Killer `fic' bunny.

The end.