Chasing the Wind

Title: Chasing the Wind
Author: Nautika ( nautika @ )
Series: TOS
Pairing: S/Mc
Rating: PG
Parts: 1 of 1
Date: October 2002
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By, Nautika

"I don't know about you, Scotty, but I felt the earth move," McCoy said with a
wry smile.

"Aye, the angels wept," Scotty smiled in return, clasping an arm around McCoy's
shoulders as the two left Scotty's quarters. Passing by Captain Kirk and Mr.
Spock, the pair nodded their hellos.

Kirk watched with interest until they were out of hearing range. He had not
missed the way Spock's eyes followed McCoy's every movement. "Scotty and McCoy
sure have spent a lot of time together lately," he ventured.


"People are starting to wonder how close the two of them actually are..."

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Captain, are you suggesting that Dr. McCoy and Mr.
Scott are involved in a relationship?" The question sounded harsher than he had

"Hey," began Kirk, putting his hands up in a display of surrender, "I'm not
_suggesting_ anything. That's just what I've heard."

"Humans often engage in frivolous speculation, finding subtext in meaningless

Kirk raised an eyebrow at the almost defensive statement. "Indeed," he replied
with a playful grin.


Spock stood at his station on the bridge. He followed Lieutenant Uhura's
dreamy gaze and was slightly miffed to see Dr. McCoy standing shoulder to
shoulder with Mr. Scott. Uhura sighed as McCoy placed his hand on Scotty's
lower back in a familiar gesture. Spock cleared his throat.

Uhura glanced at Spock and fidgeted; embarrassed at having been caught ogling.
She looked up again to see Spock still looking at her. "I fail to see the
reason for your fascination with the doctor and Mr. Scott," he chided her.

"No fascination, sir. They just..." she glanced again at the pair and smiled,
"They make a cute couple, don't you think?" Spock's face remained impassive.
"Sorry, sir, it won't happen again." Uhura's fingers resumed their intimate
dance with the controls.

Spock turned a resigned gaze on the men as McCoy laughed at something Scotty
had said. "Great, Mr. Scott, 1900 hours it is. I'll see you then." Dr. McCoy
turned to exit the bridge, sparing a look at Spock as he did so. He gave the
first officer a friendly smile. Spock only raised a brow in return, relishing
the sound of McCoy's chuckle as the lift doors closed.


"McCoy, Scotty, you're with Spock and me. Let's move, people." Captain James
T. Kirk was never one to mince words or actions. The four senior officers
quickly boarded the lift and headed for the transporter room.

The men proceeded to beam down to the planet the ENTERPRISE was currently
orbiting. An earthquake had struck while survey teams were gathering data,
trapping one team near the shuttlepod, and another in some caves. Reports
indicated only minor injuries with the shuttlepod team and possibly more severe
injuries with the second team.

Upon arriving on the planet, Kirk spoke up, "Spock, McCoy, you two head around
and see what you can do about the crew trapped in the caves. Scotty and I will
check on the ones in the shuttlepod. Report in two hours."

Spock and McCoy headed in the direction of the caves located a good distance
from the landing site. McCoy shifted his medical case from hand to hand, the
Vulcan's natural silence wearing on him. After enduring more than he could
bear, he spoke, "You seem unusually glum today, Spock." McCoy noted that in
fact, Spock had seemed more glum than usual for the past few days. He had cut
back on the verbal sparring McCoy enjoyed, and had seemed less relaxed around
the doctor.

"Need I point out, doctor..."

McCoy interrupted with a wave of his hand. "I know, I know, 'glum' is an
emotion, and you don't have to suffer those with the rest of us." McCoy rolled
his eyes. "Look, Spock, don't try any of that mumbo-jumbo with me.
Something's been bothering you lately, and I'd like to know what it is." McCoy
stopped walking and set a determined gaze on the alien he considered a friend.

Spock also stopped, and with an exasperated sigh, met the eyes of the doctor.
"This is hardly the appropriate time or place, Doctor. I suggest forgoing your
psychological analysis of me until a more opportune time." With that, Spock
resumed hiking towards the caves.

McCoy snorted and hurried to catch up with the Vulcan's quickened pace. "Fine,
you don't want to talk, I'm not going to force you. I can't take this
god-awful silence one minute more, so you're just going to have to listen."
McCoy proceeded to ramble non-stop.

~*~ Forty-five minutes later ~*~

"...And you'll never guess how far that vodka shot out Chekov's nose! You
should've seen the look on his face, Spock..." McCoy's laughter stopped him
from finishing the sentence. "I don't even want to think how long it will be
before he forgives Scotty and I," McCoy wiped away a tear of laughter.

"Indeed. I should hope, never."

McCoy abruptly stopped laughing. "My, my, wasn't that a snide remark. You
know, Spock, the last few days you've had one hell of an attitude problem -
more so than usual - and I'm sick of it. Are you ready to talk, or shall I

"Please. Being subjected for three-quarters of an hour to the recent exploits
of yourself and Mr. Scott is quite enough. I would prefer to complete our walk
in silence."

"Dammit, Spock! Talk to me!" Spock stopped, McCoy a few steps behind, watched
as his shoulders drooped slightly, but without speaking, Spock began walking
once again. McCoy kept pace, albeit a few steps behind.

"Very well, doctor." Spock's tone was one of an adult giving into an
incessant, nagging, child, "Yes, I have been troubled lately. I seem to have
developed an interest in ... someone ... but have resigned myself to never
being able to express it. That person is involved with another. I have tried
meditating, but I find myself unable to effectively control my feelings of
disappointment, resentment, and hurt."

McCoy was shocked. Spock regretted the words with each passing moment of the
doctor's silence. "I should not have said anything."

"No," McCoy rushed to assure him, "No, I'm glad you did. I'm just surprised,
that's all. Maybe there's something I can do to help...who is it?"

Spock turned a penetrating gaze on the doctor. "You, doctor."

McCoy's blue eyes widened in shock. "Me?"

An imperceptible nod.

"But, I'm not involved..." McCoy broke off, still stunned from Spock's

"You and Mr. Scott are not romantically involved?"

McCoy burst out laughing, "Me and Scotty? You've got to be kidding! Where in
the cosmos would you get an idea like that?"

"The whole ship believes it to be true. The amount of time you spend together,
the way you look at each other, the way you touch each other."

McCoy laughed again, "Oh, Spock, are you telling me you believed a ship-wide
rumor? I find that to be highly illogical. Well trust me, we're nothing more
than friends."

Spock absorbed this information as the pair reached their destination and
worked to free the trapped crewmembers.


Scotty and Kirk stood in the hallway, chatting about nothing in particular.
The door to McCoy's cabin opened and Spock stepped out. He turned to face the
interior of the room when an arm reached out and pulled him back inside by his
shirt collar. The door opened again and Spock once more stepped out.
Smoothing his hair and tugging on his uniform shirt, he nodded at the captain
and engineer as he walked past.

Kirk smiled at Scotty and said, "Spock and McCoy sure have spent a lot of time
together lately."

The End.