Conclusions and Proposals, Take II

Conclusions and Proposals, Take II
Jazz Man

I'm not sure how long I stood in the coridor outside your quarters before I pressed the chime. In the quiet it sounded too loud, too harsh. Before you would have known I was there and wondered what the hold up was. Course in the old days there would have been no hold up.

The door in front of me opened to reveal you. You looked stunning, as always, dressed in a Vulcan meditation robe that somehow managed to assentuate your body rather than hide it.

"Doctor McCoy," you said.

"Spock," I said, sqeezing into the room before you can tell me where to go. Well the Vulcan equivalent. "I wanted to see how you were recovering, since I know I won't get you down to sickbay."

"You also wanted to see how things were between us now that I have returned from Gol," you said simply.

I sat at your workbench and fiddled with the tricorder. Not that I needed to, I always keep one set to your phsiology, you always ended up in sickbay, one way or another. "Am I that transparant?"

"Only to me."

I smiled as I ran the tricorder over you. "Your readings are almost back to normal, for you that is. Can't beat a hybrid for screwed up lifesigns." Or screwed up emotions, but I keep that to myself.

"I have come to realise that I cannot deny me Human heritige," you said moving closer to me.

"I've been telling you that for years."

You smiled that beutiful almost smile of yours. "Yes, but I had to come to this conclusion by myself."

"What conclusion would that be?" I ask looking at the floor.

You knelt down in front of me and cupping your hand under my chin you gently force me to meet your eyes.

"That I cannot survive without emotion and that with emotion I cannot survive without you." You paused hesitently, "That is, if you'll have me, Leonard."

"If I'll have you? Spock, you Vulcan fool, of course I'll have you," I said leaning forward to hug you.

Then you did smile as you returned the embrace.