Dear Doctor

Title: Dear Doctor
Author: Qzeebrella
Archive: Yes
Disclaimer: Neither Star Trek nor her character's are mine, no profit
being made, very slight reference to South Park Character's, no
infringement intended.
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Rating: G

Dear Doctor

Leonard prepped for surgery
Desperate to get ready
One of the red shirts was hurt
An honorable man
A great poker player
A man by the name of Kenny

From the scans a med-tech had done
It looked as if there were a lot of damage
Looked as if there were little hope
He thought briefly of Eric Cartman
Who was Kenny's lover
Then wiped out of his mind
Everything but his task

He was going to do his best
Try his hardest for this patient
In order to do that
He would have to forget
It was Kenny

He went into the operating room
Was met by Christine
His favorite assistant when
The situation was desperate
She had a knack for anticipating
What equipment he would need

Christine had a knack for
Setting him at ease
Helping him to focus
Knew where each piece of equipment was
He was glad she was on duty
Today when he would try
His very best to save Kenny

He worked on Kenny
For quite some time
Using hyposprays and autosutures
The cardio stimulator
The neural stimulator
Every weapon and technique
In his vast arsenal

Remembering that his most vital
Important tools
Were his mind and heart
He worked quickly and desperately
Tried every avenue
Fought death with every procedure
With every instrument he could
Though he could see death winning
He did not give up the fight
For if he tried hard enough
If he could perform another miracle
Perhaps he'd win against death after all

In the end despite all he had tried
In spite of doing his best
Death won and Leonard bowed his head
His heart and soul ached
For the unique and precious person lost
His heart and soul cried
For Kenny and his lover Eric

Christine gently placed her hand
Upon Leonard's shoulder
"I'll clean up here while you go
To speak with Lieutenant Cartman
You did everything you could Len
You are the best doctor I've ever seen
Cartman will come to understand
You did your very best
Please Len allow yourself to believe
That there was nothing more you could do."

Leonard just shook his head
His soul aching too much to accept
That he could not do more
Perhaps if he had tried this other technique
Perhaps if he had used that protoplaster
Perhaps that new medicine
Perhaps if he was quicker, smarter
Perhaps if he was a better surgeon
He would have been able to save Kenny

He informed Lieutenant Cartman
Of his lover's death
Saw Eric's shattered look
When Lieutenant Cartman started to shake
Took Eric into his arms
Held on as Eric mourned
And beat his fist and cried
"Why didn't you do something?
Why didn't you try?"

A friend of Lieutenant Cartman's led him away
To rest and to mourn
Eric's words echoed in his ears
"Why didn't you do something?
Why didn't you try?"
Oh God why wasn't there something
Anything he could have done
To save Kenny
To save Ensign McCormick

He went to Jim's ready room
Called Captain Kirk in to inform him
"He's dead Jim."
He said in a defeated tone
"There was nothing I could do
Ensign Kenny McCormick died at 17:25
Of serious, multiple wounds
Attained in the line of duty."

He saw Jim swallow sudden grief
He saw Jim try to take the burden
Of the death of another crew
He saw Jim's sympathy
As Jim clasped his right shoulder
"I'm sure you tried everything possible.
Spock went off duty a couple of minutes ago
He'll be waiting for you
In your quarters
I'm sorry Bones
I know you and Kenny played poker together
I'll arrange the memorial."

Leonard walked wearily
Towards his quarters
Mind and soul swamped in grief
Heart bleeding in pain
He needed to get to his haven
His sanctuary of safety
He needed to get home
He needed to get to Spock

Spock saw his mate
His t'hyla
His dear doctor and cherished one
Come into their quarters
He saw the pain in Leonard's eyes
Felt Leonard's mourning
Through their bond
Lent a supporting arm
To his One

Spock sat Leonard down
Upon a sofa
Took off Leonard's socks and shoes
Took off his own clothing
Then stood Leonard up
To remove Leonard's
Soothed his mate as he cried softly
Moving him gently into the shower
Washing his Leonard with care
Caressing him softly
Trying to ease Leonard's inner pain

Spock dried Leonard off
Helped him into pajama bottoms
Put on his own sleep robe
Lay Leonard gently on the bed
Climbed in to lay beside him
Turned Leonard to face him
Cradling his cherished doctor's head
Upon his right shoulder
Holding him in a comforting embrace
Gently stroking his fingers
Through Leonard's soft hair
Holding his mate as he mourned
As Leonard cried himself to sleep
And kissing Leonard's shoulder
Determined to be there always
For this cherished one
For his dear doctor.

The End