Spock entered his quarters and walked over to his computer.
He sat down in his chair and noticed a computer generated card
sitting there. He picked up the card and looked it over. On the
front were the words "A Valentine Dinner" in a flowing font. He
opened it and inside it simply had the time, name and location of
a restaurant on the space station which the ship was presently in
orbit around.

       He considered the card and decided it could only be from
one person. The restaurant was well known to him. The thought of
it produced very fond memories. The communiqué he received
earlier had said this person would be returning, possibly, before
he finished his shift. Evidently that was the case and now his
heart beat just a little faster. Then he wondered about how this
person had managed to get back on board the ship without being
noticed. He could be a little sly when he needed to be. But, it
would have been easier than usual right now since over half the
ship's crew was coming and going at any given moment. They only
had  18 hours for this stop and just about everyone wanted to go
to the station.

       He set the card back down and moved to the bathroom. He
quickly showered and started to dress. He knew exactly what to
wear. He picked a dark shirt, the texture and the way it fit his
shoulders often caused enjoyment. He pulled out a pair of black
pants that were very well fitting and accented his waist, hips
and thighs, these two were a favorite.

       He went to the dresser and picked up a bottle of cologne.
He did not wear this as a general rule. But, when it came to a
private rendez-vous  the rules could be  bent, possibly, totally
discarded, for the right person. He dabbed a little on, just
enough to blend with his own sent. This, he had been told, could
drive one "nuts" and who was he to deprive others of "nuts". He
finished dressing and headed out.

      Spock stood in the front of the restaurant. He spoke to the
host briefly and started  back through the room. He paused and
looked around. He heard his name and turned.

      Kirk sat there with a huge smile, waving at Spock from a
semi-circle private booth. As the Vulcan approached Kirk's
breath was taken away. 'God, he's... god, so...' He couldn't find
the words. 'Oh, god, he has to know.' He took a deep breath and
tried to slow his heart rate. "I see you got my note."

      Spock nodded and sat down across from him. Kirk looked a
little flushed and he wondered if the captain was well. He said
nothing. He wasn't sure what would be appropriate. This was a
little unusual.

      Kirk fingered the rose he held nervously. He picked up his
drink and took a gulp. His hands were shaking a little. Silently
he commanded himself. 'Damn. Get a hold of yourself.' He drew a
deep breath and slid around the booth so he was closer to Spock.

      "I, uh, wanted to make this special. I really haven't done
this before with a fellow officer and I'm not sure exactly what
you would like."


      "Jim please. It would make it easier if we went without the
formal titles." Kirk flashed him that cute half smile.

      Spock gracefully inclined his head and said "Very well,
Jim.  I do not..."

       Kirk held up his hand. "Wait. I really want to just say
what it is I have on my mind. I asked you here because I need the
answer to a question. Here this is for you." He held up the rose
and the Vulcan's long fingers took it gently. Spock laid it down
in font of himself keeping his fingers on it.  Spock opened his
mouth to say something and again the hand came up.

       A waiter showed up carrying a drink for Spock then
disappeared again.

       "I took the liberty of ordering you a drink. Look...I've
been trying to drop hints to you for a long time and I thought,
at least a few times, you responded to those hints. I'm going out
on a limb here cause I think you know where I'm coming from."
Kirk slid a little closer. He was brushing up against Spock now.
The Vulcan's sent reached his nose and the inside of his head
spun. Kirk stretched one arm behind the dark figure. Spock tensed
slightly and shifted his weight.

        Kirk placed his other hand on the table next to Spock's.
"I'm just going to say it." He paused to draw yet another deep

      "Jim, perhaps we..."

       "No, I practiced this over and over. I need to say this.
I.... I find that, as your captain, I have grown to respect you
and admire you like no one else. You have qualities that are
unique and... desirable. As a man, I find those desirable
qualities a little hard to resist. All the times we've worked
close and the times we watched out for each other in dangerous
situations, the long nights on the bridge when it was our turn to
do the late shift and the chess games. But, the times we worked
out together were the hardest." He snorted a snicker. "All that
touching and tossing around. God, last week I almost threw myself
on you."

      Kirk paused just long enough to grab his drink and swallow
a gulp. "Spock I want the truth and I know you'll give it to me.
I need to know if you think you could possibly go a little
further than just friendship with me? I won't push it and we
could take it slow. I know you don't think about relationships or
probably don't even need one. I'm not even sure if you ever think
about any of this kind of stuff. I'm willing to teach you about
relationships. Maybe you don't even know that two men can be
partners. That's OK. I'll  show you what it's about. I promise to
be faithful and if there comes a time you decide to leave the
ship I'll go with you. I really think this is meant to be. You
don't have to let your inexperience be a factor in your
decision." Kirk took a breath and looked into those deep dark
eyes. He couldn't tell what was going on behind them.

       Spock cleared his throat. "Jim, I think we..."

        "No, I want you to think about this for a moment. I'm
going up to the bar and to the men's room. You think about this.
I'll be back." Kirk scooted back around and got out of the seat.
He disappeared across the room.

          Spock sat there looking at the flower. He picked it up
and turned it in his fingers. He suddenly felt a growing glow in
his mind and he dimmed it down. He looked out from the booth and
a smiling face  met his eyes.

        The tall thin figure walked over to him and patted his
shoulder. "So slid over." He did. The lean form scootched close,
pressing up against him and he felt that familiar warmth grow
inside. "This for me?" Skilled hands reached for the rose and the
long fingers of the Vulcan handed it over. "You're such a sweety.
I have to admit I was hoping you'd make reservations here."

        "Leonard, there is something I need to tell you." Spock
looked at the table and fingered the fork

          The doctor looked at him. "What is it? Who's drink is
that? And why are you blocking me?" He tapped the side of Spock's

        "I'm not sure how to tell you this. Something... has

           Leonard was mentally knocking on the Vulcan's door. A
flash of someone handing Spock the rose. "It wasn't for me was
it? "  A couple more flashes. But, not everything.

        Spock shook his head.

         "It was for you from someone else. This is 'our'
restaurant!" He paused. "Being here wasn't your idea." He paused
again, taking in what he saw. "Is that what you want?" Hurt
flitted through his eyes and voice.

          "I have what I want, Leonard. I came here because I
found a note next to my computer. My thought was that you had
left it. Your message to me during my shift was that you expected
to be back to the ship possibly before the end of my shift. I did
not come here for any other reason."

        Leonard looked at him with a scowl. "Then why are you
blocking me? You're not telling me everything. Who's drink is
that? You've never hidden anything from me. In all the time we've
been bonded you've never hidden 'anything' from me, why now?" The
irritation was growing as was the loudness of his voice.

       "Bones, take it easy." The captain's voice came from
behind him, over his shoulder on the outside of the booth.
Leonard looked up.

        Kirk moved over and slid in on the other side. The doctor
immediately straightened in his seat. He smiled nervously at his
commanding officer, setting the rose down he stood up wondering
how much Kirk had heard. "Uh, I should be getting back to the

      "Sit down, Bones. You were fine right where you were." Kirk
didn't look at Spock. His gaze fell across the room at nothing as
he spoke.

        "I made the arrangements for you two as a little
present." Leonard sat back down. "I gave the rose to Spock so he
could give it to you when you arrived. You two are my best
friends and I think you deserve a night out. I'm going to go back
to the ship now. You two have a good time. Dinner's on me."  Kirk
stood and walked over to his CMO. Looking him in the eye Kirk
added. "Bones, you're a good man and you deserve all the
happiness you can get. You've got him, don't let go. Happy
Valentine's Day, guys." He patted Leonard's shoulder and walked
toward the door without looking back.