Doctor Spock

Title: Doctor Spock
Author: Acidqueen
Series: TOS AU
Codes: S/Mc
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I only own two autographs and a bit of their
Summary: What could have been. For Stephen's Title
challenge in ASCEML.


Sarek's decision stood - his son had to study at the
Vulcan Science Academy, and Spock finally accepted it as
another painful part of being a Vulcan. His career was
fast, his reputation brilliant - and his inner self dry
like the desert.

One day, he left for Earth, trying to learn about his
human sides by studying human medical science. However,
his touch could reach everyone, but not himself. After his
graduation, Starfleet accepted and assigned him to the

"Welcome aboard, Doctor Spock," McCoy said, shaking his
hand. With this man, Spock realized, he would finally
achieve it.