Fading Hope

Title: Fading Hope
Author: Qzeebrella
Fandom: Star Trek, the original series
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Disclaimer: The show and the characters belong to Paramount; no
copyright infringement is intended, no profit being made. The story
below is mine, however please do not distribute it without my
Archive: yes to Spock/McCoy Haven's archive
Rating: G
Summary: Leonard is faced with Spock forgetting something very
important to the doctor
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Beta: the beautiful Janet

Fading Hope

Leonard sat in the old-fashioned movie theatre. It had red plush,
deep cushioned seats; there was a red curtain concealing the screen
trimmed with gold fringe. He sat in the balcony seating, right at the
front and admired the carved pattern along the balustrade that was
separating him from the edge of the balcony. He had been looking
forward to this for the last two months, had carefully juggled his
schedule to have the next five days off and had asked his lover of
the last year to do the same.

Leonard had bought a big tub of popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon and
light vegetable oil, since both he and his lover liked the taste.
When alone at a movie Len preferred his popcorn dripping with butter
and with a bit of salt. The doctor also had a large cup of
unsweetened ice tea with two straws to share. He normally preferred
his ice tea with sweetener and a squeeze of limejuice. But he wanted
to do everything possible to make this experience as good as possible
for his lover.

Len had reminded the man this morning which theatre to go to, where
they would be sitting, and what time to be there. Len made sure to
save the reserved seat beside him and had already had to fend off
several people looking for one of the few available seats left.
Especially as since there were only a few minutes left until the
start of the marathon tribute. The marathon he had booked tickets too
months in advance. The marathon that had sold out in just a few hours
including SRO tickets. The tickets that had cost him a pretty penny.
One ticket he had given his lover that morning and mentioned how much
he was looking forward to sharing his love of the actor being paid
tribute in this marathon with the man he loved.

He had especially been looking forward to this experience since this
would be the first time in months that he and his lover could
participate in a recreational activity. He had been looking forward
to meeting his lover here at the marathon tribute. Where his lover
was supposed to have shown up at half an hour ago.

Leonard sighed as he remembered that this same man was usually
obsessively punctual and normally would have commed him if he had
been delayed. The man who would have had someone inform him if he was
unable to call himself due to injury. If the other man did not show
up by the time the curtain raised and the music started to play,
Leonard would have to give up the seat he was saving for the man. He
would have to try to overcome his personal disappointment and
resentment. Then he would try to enjoy the marathon tribute he had
been looking forward to watching for months.

The curtain raised on time.

The music started to play.

A voice recognized instantly even though centuries had passed since
his death.

Leonard stopped saving the seat, after one last hopeful look around
the theatre for his lover.

A young Andorian woman hurried toward it and sat down.

Leonard let a few tears of disappointment fall, now that it was
apparent his lover did not think it important enough to show at this
event that the doctor had been looking forward to for months. Now
that it was apparent his lover did not even deem it to be worth the
trouble to comm. him and let him know he would not be here.

Leonard sighed deeply at this latest disappointment. The latest
unfeeling, small cruelty and shoved his disappointment to a small
corner of his mind so he could focus on watching this tribute
marathon he had been looking forward to seeing for months.

He listened as that instantly recognized voice started
singing, "thanks for the memory..." and was determined not to
remember his lover Spock or wonder why he had not deemed being with
him important enough to come.

The end.