Still Fondly Feuding

Title: Still Fondly Feuding
by: Amphioxous Obnoxious
Series: TOS
Codes: drabble, G
Pairings: S/Mc, K/U

written for my favorite Coyote, Miss Janet

On shore leave, Kirk let himself sleep late.

A hotel clerk knocked, and Uhura, still in her nightdress, answered it. "What's
that?" Kirk asked.

"It's a wedding invitation," said Uhura, plopping onto the bed beside the
captain, "from your two best friends."

"Really? Let's see."

Kirk unpeeled the fancy engraved paper from its tissue wrapping and read out
loud, "Ambassador Sarek cha'Skon and Lady Amanda Hatfield Grayson invite you to
celebrate the bonding of their son, Spock, with Leonard Horatio McCoy, of
Earth..." He burst into laughter.

"What is it, sugar?" smiled Uhura, fluffing a pillow daintily.

"Hatfield? Amanda _Hatfield_ Grayson?" Kirk chuckled. "That explains a lot."