Guess Who?

Title: Guess Who?
Author: Jazz Man (
Series: TOS
Rating: [G]
Codes: Mc
Part: 1/1
Summary:  McCoy's seeing someone and won't tell Kirk who it is.
Disclaimer:  None of these characters belong to me, but their owners don't use them anymore, so I've taken them out for a spin.

Guess Who?

Jazz Man


        "You seem happy this morning," said Jim Kirk looking up at his CMO.

        McCoy grinned as he sat down with his breakfast, "Anything wrong with that?"

        Kirk shook his head, "No, it's just that, well," Kirk shrugged, "You're not normally this cheerful in the morning.  Unless . . . That's it isn't it?"

        McCoy looked up innocently, "That's what, Cap'n, sir?"

        "You're only this cheerful if you've spent the night with a beautiful woman."

        McCoy began to laugh.  He wouldn't have descried his companion of last night like that, but then again . . .

        "Leonard McCoy, you tell me I'm wrong."

        "You're wrong," said McCoy once his laughing fit had subsided.

        Kirk looked around the mess hall.  "It's Nyota Uhura, isn't it?"

        "No," replied McCoy, "Scotty would kill me. Throw me straight off the ship."


        McCoy nodded, "Uh huh, since about a year."

        "A year?" asked Kirk, shocked.

        "Captain, Doctor," said Spock sitting down.

        Both men jumped, neither had seen the Vulcan approach.

        "Spock, maybe you can help," said Kirk, rounding on him.


        "Dr McCoy here is unusually chirpy this morning, and I want to know who to blame."

        McCoy turned to Spock, "He thinks it's Nyota."

        "That cannot be so, she and Mister Scott are involved."

        Kirk almost choked, "You knew to?"  He shook his head, "Always the last to know."

        The three men ate in silence until Kirk had another idea. "Nurse Chapel."

        "Christine?" he chuckled.  "She's on my staff, you ought to know better than that, Jim."

            "Come on, Spock, you must know something," pleaded Kirk.       

            Spock nodded, "I know many things, Captain, but if Dr McCoy spent last night with a women, I assure you I do not know who she was."

        "Is, Spock, not was."

        Spock looked puzzled.

        "Well, I intend on spending more than one night with this person."

        Spock was saved the trouble of a response by the arrival of Lt Uhura.

        "Beautiful, wonderful, Nyota Uhura, come join us," said McCoy, on the verge of bursting into laughter.

        Uhura sat down warily and looked at Spock.

        "Captain Kirk is trying to ascertain who Doctor McCoy spent last night with.  His first suggestion was you, Lieutenant."

        "Me?" she asked.  "No offence meant, Doctor, but your not exactly my type."

        McCoy smiled, "Yeah, you like something more to hold onto."

        Uhura looked at him, unsure whether to laugh or take offence. She decided to laugh was better. Once she started, McCoy could contain himself no longer and the two started to laugh uproariously, drawing stares from several other crewmembers.

        Kirk looked at Spock who merely raised an eyebrow. "I don't think I'll get anymore information from you, not this morning at any rate.  I'm off to do some work.  Care to join me, Spock?"

        "I am not yet finished, Captain.  I will join you shortly."

        Kirk shrugged, "Have it your way," he said walking out of the mess hall.

        "Well, that was a hoot," said McCoy.


        McCoy turned to him, "Captain Kirk may be a good Captain, but he can be pretty dense when it comes to relationships."

     "Sounds like two people I know," said Uhura. 

        "We got over it," said McCoy, touching his fingers to Spock's for a moment.

        "About time to," she said, rising, "I'll leave you to it."

        As Uhura walked away, Spock asked, "Leonard, how did Lt Uhura know about our relationship?"

        "Because, my dear, green-blooded, pointy-eared, Vulcan friend, Comm officers know everything."