Title: Hugin
Author: Loonywoif
Rating: PG
Summary: Too Short for a summary the header is longer than the story
Archive: Ask
Series/Sequel: Prequel to Munin
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Disclaimer: They Aren't Mine
Warnings: This is set at the END of WRATH OF KHAN you know what that means
Notes: Odin All-father had two ravens that he would send out everyday to listen to the world. Then they would fly back and tell him everything. Their names were Munin, Memory, and Hugin, Thought.

Thanks to Janet for the Beta and this is for her... she determined it shall be written and so it was!

Leonard stared, holding back his tears as his lover, his mate, his husband sat on the wrong side of the damned plasteel. Dying. He couldn't stop his father, now he couldn't stop his mate. Frantically he reached out for him. //Spock, T'hy'la... //

//My t'hy'la... do not mourn. I am within you; you know this. One of us must take care of him.// Spock turned his warm brown eyes to his lover, one eyebrow raising.

//I rather it was you; I'll just mess it up.// Leonard set his jaw stubbornly, turning his head away. He could

NOT see the coming death of those eyes; he just could not.

//I have... faith... in you.// Spock's voice ghosted in Leonard's head. A soft mental caress brushed him.

Leonard watched as his lover's body failed, hands
clenched into fists. //You're in pain. I'm sorry. I'm a doctor... why can I never help those I love!//

Spock slid down, his legs giving out. //With every breath you do, beloved. Now that I face death, I do not wish
to be alone. Stay. Be my... comfort.//

//Forever, T'hy'la.//

A whisper before he walled up his heart. The sound like
the turning of a key in a lock. Leonard McCoy's face became composed and serene. Leonard stared as Spock's body gave its last breath, and Spock slipped away. //Goodbye, my heart.// He turned and stared at his Captain, his friend, the man, whom he hated most at this moment and hugged him.