Impossible Mission

Title: Impossible Mission
Author: Qzeebrella
Fandom: Star Trek, the original
Disclaimer: Neither show nor the characters are mine though the story below is, no profit being made
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Rating: G
Summary: Someone must complete a personal mission

Impossible Mission

Ever present heat beat down upon the man desperately trying not to stumble or faint. He had to carry this fragile, beautifully made flask of water all the way back without spilling a drop in order to succeed in his mission. It had been brutal, walking all the way to the natural spring where the water trickled out of the ground, fill the fragile container and now walk all the way back. He needed to be successful in order to attain his fervent wish.

A Sky Soarer seemed to laugh at him as it passed overhead. Probably rubbing in the fact that this was the fifth time he had tried to succeed in this mission. If he wasn't successful this time...

He didn't want to think of what he would be forbidden due to not accomplishing this supposedly simple task. Unknown to the exhausted man a feather detached itself from the bird overhead and was descending towards him. Slowly drifting on the wind, getting closer and closer until gliding along his exposed neck tickling him.

The man fumbled the container, trying not to loose any of the
precious liquid; it teetered in his hands as he gasped. Finally fate or Surak or the many fingers of Kurwubble the mediocre decided to show mercy to him and the fragile container righted itself in his hands without losing even a drop of the water inside.

The man made it to the simply designed, yet beautiful house he was staying at. He knocked at the door and the woman of the house; the Matriarch opened the door and let him in. She took a scanner out and confirmed that none of the water had been lost or wasted this time, nodded her head in approval and stepped to the side indicating that the man should perform the last of the House of Surak ritual.

The man went over to the porcelain bowl by the door and poured one third of the water into it. "May your house never lack life giving water." He said in perfectly pronounce ancient Vulcan, which tortured his throat and twisted his tongue.

The man then walked over into the lounge where all the family would gather to greet guests and went to a second porcelain bowl placed on a table in the center of the room, and poured one third of the water into it. "May your house always be soothed by water's cool presence." He stated, hoping he had the tense and intonation correct, since if you went up in pitch instead of down for the Vulcan word soothed well, people had been known to disappear on Vulcan with no trace for
doing that. No one would tell him why though.

The man walked over to the entrance of the master bedroom and to the bowl placed on the left side of it, pouring the last of the water in. "May your house grow and flourish in the way a plant does when water is near."

He turned to the matriarch and said, "May your presence be as
precious as water, as soothing, encouraging growth as was your ancestresses before you and may all your descendants be known for their soothing presence, their hospitality and their ability to grow and prosper."

"Very good Captain Kirk." T'Pol praised in a sternly precise
voice. "You have fulfilled your role as procurer. I will allow the
marriage of the one you represent, Dr. Leonard McCoy to Sarek's son Spock three days from now."

Jim breathed in relief, for he knew Spock and Leonard would have killed him if he had been unable to succeed in this mission.

The End.