I Tried...

Title: I Tried
Author: Nikita
Pairing: S/Mc
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Star Trek, not I.


I tried to stop him.

I reached out and touched him. Such a rare instance unless he's
injured and I'm treating him. I touched himand he distracted me.
Turned my attention onto my patient and then touched me...

I tried to stop him. Cold comfort. And it's cold. Here. Alone.
In the dark. Where am I? My quarters. I should return to my
quarters. It's late.

Cold. The ship's temperature is never quite warm enough.

I tried to stop him. I failed.

My quarters. Why are they sealed? I must meditate.

FocusI cannot focus. My emotions...I cannot control them.

My body. Why did they leave it?

I tried to stop him. Remember

I tried to stop him...

And I failed...