The Joke's on You

TITLE: The Joke's On You
AUTHOR: Nautika ( )
PAIRING: Spock/McCoy
RATING: PG (a swear or two)
DATE: March 2003
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SUMMARY: Challenge drawn: Write an S/Mc where a practical joke goes a
little too far.

The Joke's On You
By, Nautika

Spock stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by his crewmates.
They were laughing at him. While Spock had been all but declaring
his love for McCoy, the lights had suddenly been brought up and
someone had yelled 'Surprise', but Spock was not amused. He looked
towards McCoy, certain his lover was not a part of this. And yet
there he was, laughing with the rest of them. Worse than that, McCoy
was the one who had initiated this...practical joke. Spock turned a
stony gaze on McCoy and, with what little dignity he had left, walked
out of the room.

It didn't take McCoy long to realize that Spock wasn't enjoying this
little prank as much as the rest of them. "Aw, shit," he mumbled to
himself before heading after his lover.

Scotty put a hand on the doctor's shoulder just as he was
leaving. "Where're you going, lad? The party's just getting

"I know, Scotty. I think Spock didn't get the joke. I better go
after him. Mind the fort, will ya?"

"Sure thing, Doc. Don't worry...Spock will realize it's all in good

McCoy left the party behind and headed for Spock's quarters.
Mentally, he was kicking himself for thinking Spock could handle a
harmless little prank. He should've known better. The Vulcan *did*
have a sense of humor, of that he was sure, but maybe things had
gotten a little out of hand; a little too personal. He reached the
first officer's quarters and stared at the door.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked. He heard "Enter" and walked
inside. The room was darkened, the only light coming from Spock's
meditation flame. McCoy saw him sitting on the floor. After
agonizing minutes of silence, Spock looked up.

"Leonard." His voice was cold, distant.

McCoy sat opposite Spock on the floor. "Spock, it was just a
practical joke. Why don't you come back to the party?" McCoy's eyes
pleaded with Spock to understand.

"Leonard, I have been humiliated in front of the crew. As first
officer, I need to have their respect. Now, that has been

"Nothing's been compromised," said, McCoy, getting frustrated, "If
you'll just come back to the party, you'll realize everyone was just
having a bit of fun. No one's going to think any less of you."

"No. This is not the first time something like this has happened.
When we first began this relationship, I had suspicions that the
differences in our beliefs would be too great. I wanted to believe
that with patience, I could overcome these differences. Now, I
believe that's not possible."

"Spock - what are you saying?" McCoy gulped in fear. He didn't like
where this was apparently headed. 'It was just a practical joke for
cryin' out loud', he thought.

"I don't think we should continue our romantic relationship."
Spock's eyes bored into McCoy. Where McCoy usually saw a glimmer of
emotion, there was only blackness.

"Spock -"

"No, Leonard. I've given this a lot of thought. I believe it's for
the best." Spock lowered his gaze to the meditation flame,
essentially dismissing McCoy.

"You know, Spock, for someone who's in control of their emotions, you
sure are a sensitive bastard. If you want to end this over a
practical joke..." McCoy let the sentence trail off. As much as he
loved Spock, their relationship was suffering more and more from
misunderstandings. And he was tired of being the one to compromise.

Spock continued to focus on the flame.

"Well, you know where I'll be if you change your mind." McCoy got up
and walked to the door. He glanced back at Spock, who didn't look
up. McCoy left without another word.

The End.