The Journey

Title: The Journey

Author: Qzeebrella

Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters are mine, no profit being made

Rating: G

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The Journey

A young blue eyed boy looked up into the sky

Seeing all the stars

Thinking of his future

Dreaming of his fate

Looking then at his hands

And wondering what he would be

What will these hands do?

What will his eyes see?


He thinks of the hospital he toured

Of the children, men and women

All in pain and need

Wishing he could ease their pain

Wishing he could bring comfort

Thinking of the nurses and doctors

And realizing what he was meant to do


"Father, mother, sisters too

I know what I was meant to do

I was meant to be a healer

Strong of heart and gentle of touch

I was meant to ease pain, soothe hurt

I was meant to heal

May I,

Could I,

Do you think I,

Could be a doctor one day?"


His mother so slim and tall

Bent down to her young son

Her eyes of blue twinkling with joy

She said, "You can be whatever you want to be

You would be a great healer

You are strong of heart, gentle of touch

And stubborn too

Which a healer sometimes needs to be

To get his patients to listen."


His mother died soon after,

But his father encouraged him too

As did his sisters

Though they could not resist teasing him

Tormenting him

Molding him into a good and gentle man


Years flew by as the boy grew

And soon he was a man

He studied to become a doctor

Married young

Became a father

Then lost his wife to another

And his father died a slow, lingering death

But he kept his dream

Became a doctor

Was beloved by his daughter


He soon began to dream

Of flying among the stars

Meeting new peoples and cultures

Healing those he could

Mourning those who died

Though he fought hard for their lives

This doctor so gifted and true

So gentle and stubborn

Found himself one day among the stars

On a ship named Enterprise


There he served with his good friend Jim

Argued with a man called Spock

On the benefits of emotion

And how you can not live on logic alone

Soon their playful bickering

Gave way to subtle flirting

Then to a slowly growing love

That they carefully showed each other

Moving slowly to an unbreakable bond

And when they wished to marry

When their love was blessed by the crew

The doctor knew there was one more thing to do


He asked his love

His reason for being

To go with him to see his sisters

To get their blessing too

For they had the crews

They had his daughter Joannas

But the doctor wanted his sisters too


So they traveled back to Georgia

And saw his sisters six

Marguerite and Josephine elegant ladies

Tall and slim

With twinkling blue eyes

And soft southern drawls

Wyonna and Sanjeet

Of average height and slim

Mischievous green eyes and dark brown hair

Soft voices with French accented drawls

Rita and Scarlett

Short and compact of build

Gentle sky blue eyes

Tightly curled hair

And of musical, Celtic voice

Having traveled from Ireland


"Please oh my sisters,"

Said the doctor strong and true

"I have searched long and hard

I have finally found

The right being for me

Would you please give us your blessings

Would you please accept our union?"


"We first must hear from him,

Why do you want to marry our brother?"

They asked,

Wanting and needing to protect

Their younger brother

Hurt too often by life

Heart so open and gentle

Their brother deserved the best

They would make sure he got it this time

That their brother would not be hurt

Or this man in front of them would pay


"From long and hard consideration

From meditation and internal debate

I must concede that our marriage to each other

Is not very logical

But it is the only right thing to do

Your brother is kind and gentle

He is intelligent and strong

He is stubborn and mischievous

He is a healer first and foremost

He is emotional and has a heart overflowing

With the desire to heal and with empathy

I am dedicated to logic

I am fascinated by science

I am sometimes greatly confused about emotions

What and why they are

I am very determined

Though others would deem me stubborn

There are those who would consider

Us a pair poorly matched,

They would be wrong.


He helps me to see what I can become

He helps me to reach out to others

He makes me consider other viewpoints

I find him endlessly fascinating

I find his curiosity, compassion and grace of person

Immensely appealing

Without him I am incomplete

Without him my life would be desolate

So though most would consider our pairing

Illogical, uncertain to work and perhaps unwise

From what the surface would tell you

I find that what is logical

Is not necessarily true

I need your brother to be complete

I need him to feel safe and at home

Without him I would be lost

I can only hope you will allow me

To be with your brother

For I truly do not know what I would do without him."


The six sisters sat and thought

They considered what they knew

They remembered what Jim had told them

They reflected on Joannas words

Then they looked into their brothers eyes

The silently pleading look

The yearning, hunger and anxious look

Of a puppy waiting to be adopted

And they knew

Their brother would be happy only if

Only when

He was with this man before them

This man of logic and science

This man of honor and strength

This man would try to protect their brother

Even from the despair Len felt

When death won the latest battle

And they knew

The right thing to do


"You two may marry today if you wish

Or next week

Or next month

Just tell us when and where

And we will be there to wish you well."


"Thank you my sisters," the doctor cried

"Thank you, those who will be my sisters."

Spock murmured in relief.


"Your quite welcome." The six said,

"Now get married soon and we will be happy."

The end.