Kissing Captain Kirk: Spock I

Title: Kissing Captain Kirk: Spock I
Author: Lyrastar
Series: TOS
Codes: S/Mc, 169-drabble
Rating: PG for language
Disclaimer: Paramount owns 'em. Pucker up, fellas!
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Note: Part of the Kissing Captain Kirk series slowly growing at Thanks to K.V. Wylie for the Archons episode inspiration.


"What was it like, kissing Captain Kirk? And don't bother to try to deny it; everyone aboard knows about the act you two pulled off, in order to blend in during Landru's Festival."

Spock considered. "It was a fascinating study. His lips parted 12.6 millimeters. His tongue pressed my teeth with zero point zero four millinewtons--"

"Spock!" McCoy exploded. "I don't want a how-to guide. I want to know what it was like inside. I know how close you are to Jim. Sometimes that kind of unplanned intimacy can trigger unexpected feelings. Concentrate on that, not the mechanics. How can you just--objectify friendship, passion, love?"

"I am a Vulcan."

McCoy's face fell. "Yeah. I suppose you're right. I'm not being fair." He sighed, " Sometimes I wonder if we should even be--"

"You asked about Jim. With you it is entirely different; I simply feel our love."

McCoy scowled happily at him across their quarters. "Goddammit, Spock, how is it that you always manage to win these things?"

October 2003