Three Limericks for Coyotes

Three Limericks for Coyotes

Author: Acidqueen

Series: TOS

Codes: S/Mc

Rating: PG

Summary: Sometimes I want the boyz to have fun :)

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own Star Trek, I own my brain. No infringement intended, no money being made. All original content (c) 2003 by Acidqueen.

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There was a young Vulcan in space

Who had fallen in paternal disgrace.

After trying some tricks,

He found the label rather sticks.

So he just did his fortune embrace.


There was a cool doc on a ship

who loved a certain ear's tip,

so he tried to arrange

some further science exchange

just to get his new love in his grip.


There were two pair of quick hands

fighting over the zippers of pants

checkmated in end

with all broken and bent

which was embarrasing when back to the dance.