Limericks for McCoyotes

By Qzee

There is a Vulcan named Spock
With the extreme good luck
To have Leonard McCoy to hold
Even when they grow old
The hand in hand should walk.

There is a doctor named McCoy
Who with a Vulcan found great joy
To you it should be no surprise
That they serve together on Enterprise
A ship with a doctor who's the real McCoy.

Spock is the only Vulcan for me
He suits me down to a T
It may be that I tease him
About pointed ears and being grim
But only 'cause I know he loves me.

Spock teases me about my beads and rattles
And God knows we have our battles
But there's no one I'd rather be with
So to him I shall marry forthwith
And nightly our bed shall rattle.

and two non-spock/mccoy limericks

When the engine runs very hot
The man to call to repair it is Scot
He will repair the warp core
Scotty will make the ship soar
Which is why Kirk likes him alot.

A lady named Janet lives in a cave
And she is known by all to be very brave
For she lives with Spock and McCoy's antics
And the small coyote's driving her frantic
To her lets raise a drink and tidy the cave.