Listen to Me

Kirk convincing McCoy to admit he (McCoy) is in love with Spock.
Written for a Language Arts assignment, I swear to the gods this is not a lie. It was fairly open-ended: Write a poem. :P Indentation is McCoy speaking, if you couldn't figure that out from the words.
Warning: Written over half a year ago.
Rating: G (I think...)
Beta: Me

Listen to me

If you know something's there,
Why pretend you don't care?
You know you're in love; why deny it?
It's the truth; why defy it?
Listen to me, Len.

It'll do you more harm than good,
pretending your heart's made of wood.
Just admit it to yourself or a friend.
Your heart isn't rock.
Just sit down and talk.

You're a doctor. You know
Denial's a dangerous foe.
Almost worse than depression,
Though a short confession
Might set you right again.

Now that I think,
Confession might put you on the brink.
You think he doesn't care,
But, oh, you're so wrong.
Right now, I won't play along.

I'm your friend, but I'm his too,
And what I'm saying is true.

He's as much on edge as you are.
This fašade is going too far.

Okay, I'll bite.
I'll tell you why I fight.
I know you're right, it's just...
For me, secrecy's a must.
I can't deal with this, I can't!

I'm a doctor. I know
Denial's a dangerous foe.
But if I confess, Jim,
I'll be depressed over him,
Unless he feels the same for me.

I tell you, he does, Bones.
Even though his emotions are largely unknowns,
I can read him like I can read you,
And I can tell he loves you too.
I'm sick and tired of your stubbornness!

Alright, I'll go and talk.
I'll confess my love to Mr. Spock.