Mardi Gras Top Ten

Title: Mardi Gras/Carnival Top Ten
Author: Artemis
Series: TOS
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Rating: PG
Summary: Let the Good Times Roll.
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own Star Trek. No infringement intended, no money being made.
Acknowledgment: Thank You to Janet to the beta.
Author's Note: Just a little free association on Mardi Gras and TOS
Archive: The Spock/McCoyote's Den
Star Trek: TOS
Mardi Gras/Carnival Top Ten

10.  Annual shuttle parade.  This years theme is "Tempest Fugit."
9.  Kevin Riley, King Carnival, the XI, in an interview with himself proclaimed that this would be the most stellar Mardi Gras, the old Enty has ever seen.  He also added that women should wear their hair - loosely, during Carnival week
8.   After the parade, Spock will attempt to sling shot the entire parade around a neighboring star, so we can relive it all again.
7.  Winning float titled "Lets do the Time Warp, Again" depicts Janet and Andy dressed as Brad and Janet.
6.  Second runner up float - "Summary Jack" with Sulu as the sword welding hero and Chekov as his Kabuki geisha
5.   Honourable mention went to Captain Archer and Lt. Daniels for their antique shuttle pod.  "Auld Lang Syne". 
4.  Scotty re-tweaked the beads cannon this year.  He promises no more hull breaches.  
3.  Transparent aluminum allows flashing for beads - For the Great Birds Sake, Jim - Put down your shirt!
2.  Janice and Christine compete to see who can snag the most beads.  Ntoya doesn't need to compete.
1.  Where did Cmdr. Spock get all those beads and why does Dr. McCoy's breath smell of cinnamon?