Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Title:  Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Author: Sorlak
Pairing: S/Mc
Series: TOS
Rating: G
Summary: McCoy can't sleep because he hasn't eaten his favorite holiday food
Disclaimer:  I don't own Star Trek, but I did borrow the characters for fun.
Challange Info:  Write a story with your favorite Thanksgiving food.
Thankies: Thanks to our wonderful Listmommy Tempest for being my beta!
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
McCoy was restless. He couldn't sleep, it was two in the morning and he had duty the next
morning.  The previous day had been Thanksgiving, one of McCoy's two favorite holidays.  Only
this year it was different from all the other years.  Because now he was married to a vegetarian,
he didn't eat meat for him.  That meant he would never again have his favorite food, mashed
potatoes and gravy.  And occasionally some gravy bread.  He tossed over again, trying to find a
comfortable position.
Next to him his husband Spock slept soundly.  "Never a care in the world."  McCoy whispered as
he closed his eyes to try sleep again.
"I do care when you are unable to sleep and keep me awake Leonard."
"Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."
"That is quite all right.  What is keeping you awake?"
"Spock, I intentionally gave up a lot of things when we first started dating."
"Such as?"
"Well, I miss my favorite Thanksgiving foods."
"I see no reason why you can't still eat them.  You know I would never ask you to stop eating
"Part of its gravy, mashed potatoes and gravy."
"Leonard, I will not stop you from eating what pleases you."
"Spock, you are a strange man."
"I am what I am Leonard."  Spock said as he got up and headed for the bathroom, palming his
communicator along the way.
While Spock was in the bathroom, McCoy laid back and closed his eyed for a few minutes.  He
could almost smell the gravy that his mother had made every year for every holiday.
When Spock came back out of the bathroom, the smell grew stronger.  McCoy knew he was not
going to be able to sleep with him imagining gravy of all the things to keep him awake.
McCoy sat up and rubbed his eyes.  "Well, I might as well scrounge up something from the
"Why do that?" Spock asked.
McCoy opened his eyes and looked at Spock, who was carrying a food tray that was emanating
some very wonderful smells.  "Spock, is that what I think it is?"
"What do you think it is?" Spock said as he sat on the bed beside McCoy and gently placed the
tray on his lap.
"It smells like gravy Spock."
Spock took the lid off the tray to reveal a large bowl full of creamy white mashed potatoes
smothered in hot brown gravy.
"Spock, how did you get this?  And from the bathroom?!"
"Quite easily.  I called the galley on my communicator and had them transport the tray to me.  I
often do so when working late in the lab."
"Spock, thanks."
"There is no need to thank me."  He said as he picked up the spoon and scooped up some
potatoes and stuck it in McCoy's mouth.
When McCoy swallowed the bite, he took the spoon out and opened his mouth to say something,
but Spock quickly took the spoon and reloaded it and stuck it back in.
Until he finished the bowl, every time McCoy opened his mouth to say something, Spock would
reload the spoon and stick it back into McCoy's mouth.
When McCoy did finish, Spock took the tray out to their living area and put it on the desk before
coming back and getting back in bed.  "Satisfied Leonard?"
"Very Spock."  He said as he curled up behind his favorite person and fell asleep, full and loved.