Okay, these aren't as poetic as my first drabble, but I liked the idea of Spock just watching his adoring and adorable Len. Then having written the one, another seemed appropriate. So for your list pleasure, two drabbles . . .

The words are mine, the characters aren't.

M/M relationship involved so read at your own risk (hell, I wrote it so read it at your own risk anyway) feedback is always welcome.

Special note: someone (more than one maybe) has written that Spock has Eridani crystals above his bed. This borrows that idea.



Meditation: Spock

All Vulcans are taught to meditate at an early age. As we mature, so too do the techniques we employ. Unfortunately, as we mature that which becomes the cause for meditation becomes more complex. Reaching the center of our control becomes more critical just as it becomes more illusive.

I have my fire pot. I have my robe with its ancient symbols. I have my lyre. All serve to aid my mental stability.

But I have a new way of reaching mental *serenity*. I watch my Leonard sleep. I count my beloved's breaths. I feel him relax in my arms.


Meditation: Leonard

It's not that I don't understand the purpose of meditation. As a doctor I know the physical and emotional benefits of meditation. It's just not anything I've ever practiced with any regularity or precision.

But I'll admit it's my new hobby. I don't sit cross-legged on a mat. I don't stare into a fire. I don't play soulful melodies.

I watch the light reflect off the crystals that hang above his bed as I hold him and we move together. I watch until my body's reaction forces my eyes to close.

Rhythm, scent, fire within, warmth without. Completion, Fulfillment, Peace.