Title: Meld
Author: Nautika ( )
Series: TOS
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
SPOILERS: The ENTERPRISE episode, "Stigma"
Rating: PG
Parts: 1/1
Date: July 2003
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Notes: Part of the Spock McCoy Haven Fifth Wave. Not beta'd.  A drabble!
Summary: Challenge drawn: Write an S/Mc where McCoy learns something new about Vulcan culture that he finds rather...surprising.


~ By Nautika

"Yer yankin' my chain, Spock."
A raised eyebrow, then, "I most certainly am not.  In the not too distant past, Vulcans who could perform mind melds were ostracized. The whole community was forced underground and shunned."
McCoy snuggled into Spock's arms, took his hand and placed it on the meld points.  "That would've made our relationship a lot more difficult, wouldn't you say?"
"Indeed."  Dark eyes locked with light, and Spock initiated the most intimate form of contact known to both species.  He felt McCoy's love surround him like a warm blanket, and allowed his love to surround the doctor.
The End