Mother's Day Greetings

Title: Mother's Day Greetings
Author: Qzeebrella
Fandom: Star Trek the Original Series
Rating: G
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Disclaimer: the show and its characters are Paramounts, the story
below is mine and no profit is being made from it.
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Author's note: this was written long hand just before Mother's day
May 9, 2004 and posted on May 22 of the same year due to technical
difficulties, i.e. temporarily dead computer.

Hey there Amanda, Len here. Spock's fine just being his usual thick
skulled, I'm a Vulcan and that isn't logical self. I swear Vulcan's
use logic as an excuse to justify whatever their fool mind's desire.

Don't you raise that eyebrow at me Spock! You know the things you
want are always logical and those that are inconvenient illogical.
Okay, fine! Leave, you know I'm right.

Sorry about that Amanda, your son inherited you husband's
stubborness. Anyway, to get to the point of this transmission, by the
time it gets to you it should be mother's day, unless the post man is
slow again.

Thank you for bringing Spock into the universe. I know I grumble a
lot about him, but I just can't imagine a universe without him in it.
He's just the right person for me.

Thank you for all the sleepless nights you spent when he was a baby.
Thank you for all the wounds you bandaged and tried to heal, both
physical and emotional, even though we both know he'd deny being able
to be emotionally wounded. Thank you for guiding him and helping to
shape him into a man who loves learning and exploring. He'd say that
Vulcan's don't have emotions and can't love *snort*, but we both know

Thank you for all you did to shape Spock into the man he is today. He
can irritate, exasperate, frustrate, and delight me all in the same
moment. I love our verbal sparring, our debates, and out quiet times
together. I love him dearly and completely even, maybe especially, in
the moments I want to kill him. And because I love him, I have come
to know you and love you as a mother.

So thank you mom, for giving me Spock. May your mother's day be full
of beauty and joy knowing your son and his husband are loved.


XX the transmission ends briefly then starts again XX


When Leonard told me that he was going to send you his greetings and
love to you for Mother's Day, to do what little he could to thank you
for your part in making me who I am today, I first found it highly
illogical. I did so as I have sensed from my earliest days that you
received great joy, pride and satisfaction from being a mother. That
you felt wonder whenever you saw me as if I was an unexpected
present. My having been the child you nurtured in your body and at
your breast and now so full of possibility, filled you then with a
strange awe that I sensed.

From birth onwards you nurtured that possibility, guided me, and
encouraged me. Encouraged me even though sadness sometimes over took
you as I grew older and seemingly apart from you, further away. A
sadness coupled with the thought I did not need you any more, which
could not be further from the truth. Yet you let me walk my path in
life independently, even as I walked towards Vulcan tradition, the
suppression of emotion and logic, rather than a more human way of
living. It must have seemed to be as if I was denying you existed at
times, turning my back on you and your influence, and possibly even
rejecting you.

I hope you know I would never deny you or reject you. I am and always
have been thankful that you are my mother.

From you I learned to value learning, exploring, and knowledge for my
own personal growth and to share with others. I also learned from you
that one must hold fast to one's determination hard in order to
achieve one's goals. Of course Leonard would term my
determination "cussed stubborness." You also taught me that
compassion is and always should be both a Vulcan and a human trait,
that what is logical is not necessarily the best choice, and that I
must find an internal balance between my human and Vulcan impulses.

I have done so and have found my own unique balance. I did so mostly
due to your guidance, support, and example.

When you and father were on ship, he said he married you as "it
seemed the logical thing to do at the time." I shall always be
grateful that he saw the logic in marrying you. I am...glad you are
my mother.

I hope you have a pleasant Mother's Day, knowing I shall take some
time during the day to remember all you did to help me become the
person I am today. Remembering how you guided me, taught me and loved
me as you.