Title: Munin
Author: Loonywoif
Series: TOS
Rating: G
Codes: S/Mc
Summary:Odin, King of the Norse Gods has two Raven. One is called
Munin, Memory.

Note: Ok, this is dedicated to the person who made me write this... I
have only one thing to say to you... "Watch out the mus.....hrmf"
Muses: You tell her we are coming and we are driving all of yours away
::shrug:: ok ok yall win. This is for you know who ya are.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Star Trek. MY story.

by Loonywoif

Leonard stared out the porthole. The Enterprise was in warp and the
stars passed by, trailing long streamers behind them.

And on one planet orbiting one of those stars a tall man stood.
Dressed in a white robe, the hood of the robe was pushed back. The
man short dark hair lay flat against his skull. Brown eyes looked up
into a dark sky. His graceful slightly pointed ears twitched at the
sounds around them. He stood as a wind blew up and circled around
him, whipping his robe. He strained his eyes to look in the night.
Stoically he withstood all the desert could throw at him until he did
something, that he who was raised by his father's family would
normally do. He raised his arms and stretched them out wide, taking a
deep breath he screamed into the night, "LEONARD!!!!!!!"

Smiling, sitting by the porthole, Dr. Leonard McCoy realized that his
mate, had finally regained his memory.