There is No Pain

Title: There Is No Pain
Author: Jazz Man
Series: TOS
Codes: S/Mc
Disclamer: Paramount owns it all, but ideas can't be owned.  I'm
borrowing it.

Summary: Response to the "There is no pain" challenge (KIRNEH) and the
Good Doctor challenge (Mary Ellen).  Spock grieves.  Set in TNG time.
It's quite short and was not written near a spell checker, I revise it
at some point.  I'll leave it alone for a while though.

Dedicated to De Kelly and his family who have to live on.  Always

There Is No Pain
   Jazz Man

        He was gone. The realization hit Spock suddenly.  The man who
lay on the bed in front of him had died.  Finally slipped away after
these last few painful months.
        He had always known Leonard would die before him.  Still he had
hoped the rules would be different for this man.  For his t'hy'la.
        "They should have been different," murmered Spock, "They always
        This was unfair to him.  To deprive him of the only person other
that his mother who had loved him unconditionaly.  Even his mother was
        It was so like Len to do something no one else would.  To love
without question.  He was always so caring and compasionate.  A truly
great man and now he was lost.

        It was only later when Spock was at last lefft alone with his
thougts that he remembered.  Leonard's last words had told him not to do
as he was - grieving.
        "Spock, my time here is almost over.  Yours is not, don't spend
your time grieving for me.  I'm still with you and will be always.  And
were my body goes, Spock, there is no pain."  It was then that he
slipped away.
        "There is pain here, t'hy'la, without you.  There always will
be.  But I will remember that you are with me and it will keep me strong
until I reach you."
        A single tear rolled down his cheek.  Spock was begining the
long process of letting the pain go.