Ode to Boy

Title: Ode to Boy
Author: Zikerag
Codes: S/Mc
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The characters and all things Trek are the property of
Paramount/Viacom. No
money is being made. Song words by Alison Moyet
Summary: Spock has developed feelings for McCoy so he decides to find out what
the doctor
does during his spare time.

The door swished open and Spock walked in to the crowed room. It was smoky and
did not recognize anyone in there. There was this strange smell in the air that
he thought
could only be the strange aroma of cigarettes. Tobacco was no longer used for
cigarettes or cigars but other plants from other planets could be used to make
such things
without the dangerous side effects of addiction and cancer, to name but two.
All people on
star ships did not smoke for obvious safety reasons. However, there were always
who partook in such activities when on shore leave or when the consumption of
was involved. Montgomery Scott was one of those people. He was never shy of
how the taste of any whisky, even the best you could buy, would be enhanced if
at the same time as a good cigar. Spock was not, therefore, surprised to be
invited to one
of these parties at Scotts house when they returned for a brief visit to
earth. Normally
Spock was able to make some lame excuse and avoid, what he considered, a
waste of time inhaling toxic fumes and consuming body-damaging liquids. There
were no
synthetic brews here. This was all the real McCoy, which was why Spock had
agreed to
come this time.

Somewhere, hiding in all this fog was Leonard McCoy. Spock had been surprised
finding out the good Doctor supported this type of event, let alone
participated. What
possible reason could there be for such abuse of the body from someone who had
his life repairing the damage of said abuse?

Spock scanned the room again. Still no familiar faces. He had not moved from
the door,
which had stayed open and so offered him some fresh air from outside. This, in
stopped the burning smoke from entirely filling up his nostrils.

"Mr. Spock!" A familiar voice with a distinctive Scottish accent called to him
from one
side. Spock turned to see Montgomery Scott almost knocking over a table in his
to get to Spock. He had two glasses with him, which contained, Spock assumed,
Most of which seemed to be for spilling on the floor than drinking. Spock
assumed both
glasses were Scottys and might explain why Scotty was in somewhat of an

"Mr. Scott." The Vulcan returned the greeting as one glass was thrust in to his

"Aye, thats me. It's nice of you to come. First drink is on the house." Scotty
replied in a
less than totally understandable voice. Seeing Spock's confusion, Scotty
continued, "It's a
joke, Mr. Spock. It's supposed to be funny and after a few of these, I'm sure
you'll see
the funny side of it."

"Indeed" Spock said as sarcastically as he could.

Scotty smiled and tapped the Vulcan's glass with his own "Now down the hatch!"

Scotty drank the remaining liquid in the glass and then, holding the glass at
eye level,
looked at the empty glass and said, "Makes you realize why you were born."

Spock just smelled the liquid to make sure it was what he thought it was and
decided that
was as far as he wanted to take it. "Cheers, I believe is the correct term."

"Aye, that it is. Now come and meet some people." Scotty staggered off in the
direction he had come from, stopping to examine the table he had nearly knocked
earlier for a few seconds before continuing. He had not noticed that Spock had
not moved.

There was, of course, only one person Spock was interested in meeting. He
advanced in to
the room leaving his glass at the first chance he got. He was wondering where
all of these
people came from. Scotty spent as much time in the Enterprise as he did so
where did he
find the time to meet all these people and arrange such parties? Spock decided
that it was
not worth the time to try and work it out, better just to stay focused on why
he had
decided to come here in the first place.

And then there he was!

Part of a group of four, Spock could see him easily as he was wearing black
trousers, and
a bright red and green smoking jacket. A glass in one hand and a cigar in the
other, he
looked the picture of sophistication. Spock stopped to admire the view.

When he moves I watch him from behind
He turns and laughter flickers in his eyes
Intent and direct when he speaks, I watch his lips
And when he drives I love to watch his hand
White and smooth almost feminine, almost American, I have to watch him.

Someone almost falling on top of him interrupted Spock from his daydreams. A
Pavel Chekov. Spock was unsure if Chekov was drunker than Scott and was not
inclined to find out. Chekov seemed embarrassed at running in to the first
officer at such an
event he just said "Mr. Spock." And disappeared in to the mass of people in the
Spock did not have time to say anything but did hear Leonard McCoy calling him
over. His
cover had been blown.

"Spock, what are you doing here? You are the last person I would have expected
at a
party like this." Leonard said in a manner friendlier that Spock had received
from the
doctor in a long time. Probably the alcohol, Spock concluded.

"You are well aware of my dislike for these kinds of social event, doctor.
Indeed I find
them most anti-social." Spock replied.

"Let me introduce you to my friends and Ill get you a drink as I see you have
not got
one... And you certainly have not got one of these." Leonard said holding up a
smoked cigar to the side of his face and twiddling it with a big grin on his

"I do not, doctor, you are quite right. However I would rather not partake in
consumption of these products."

"Whats up, Spock. You're not here on official business." The grin fell from
Leonard's face as he added, "Are you? Has something happened that interferes with our shore leave?"

"I can assure you, doctor, that there is nothing amiss and I am on shore leave
like you."

"Thats a relief," sighed Leonard.

"I just do not wish to partake." Spock continued without stopping.

"It won't kill you, Spock, and I can give you a tablet that will repair any
damage this will cause... and a lot more besides. And Montys got some very fine bourbons to offer."

"I still do not wish to partake."

"Lighten up, Spock. You can have some fun some times, you know?" Leonard said
with a tone of voice Spock was more accustomed to on the ship.

"I will attempt to find something to drink which is more to Vulcan liking." Said Spock, realizing that it was maybe better if he left the doctor for a few minutes to
calm down. "Can I get you anything, doctor?"

Leonard looked down in to his glass, which was almost empty, and gulped the last half
mouthful. He felt a little embarrassed about getting upset with Spock in
someone else's house so he just said "Yes, tell the bar man that I want the real McCoy. He'll know what you mean"

Spock turned and went towards the bar and after taking a few steps to make sure
the doctor could not hear him over the music, Spock said to himself "That's exactly what I want too." Leonard watched him pass through the crowd for a few seconds before heading off after him.

- O -

Spock was already at the bar and had ordered when Leonard caught up with him.
There were a lot of people there and Leonard had a bit of trouble getting in next to Spock. So much trouble, in fact, that Leonard was pressed against Spock's left arm.

"I'm sorry." He said. I did not mean to get angry and offend you.

"You did not offend me, doctor." Spock said, and then added, "I am incapable of
being offended." Knowing full well that, where the doctor was concerned, that was
inaccurate. Leonard felt his anger rising again. Spock, as far as he was concerned, never missed a chance to mention how superior Vulcans thought themselves over humans but McCoy was not going to let the green-blooded logic master get the better of him today.

Their drinks arrived and Leonard lifted his glass. He tilted his glass slightly
towards Spock,
who looked at the glass completely unaware about what to.

"Lift your glass and tap it gently on mine and say 'cheers'" Leonard instructed

Spock lifted one eyebrow and did as the doctor had instructed him. A dead pan
came from his lips.

"Cheers" Leonard replied and took a good gorge from his glass and swallowed
hard. He
grimaced at his glass as the liquid flowed in to his stomach.

Spock just watched him.

In his face age descends on youth, exaggeration on the truth
He caught me looking then but soon his eyes forgot
And everything he seems to do reflects just another shade of blue
I saw him searching into you and ached a while

Leonard turned to Spock, who was again surprised to have been caught

"What'd you get yourself?" Leonard asked him.

"I do not know, doctor. I just asked for something palatable for Vulcans."
Spock said
examining the glass. He sniffed at the rim and took a little sip. "Hmm.
Palatable but
alcoholic, I suspect."

Leonard took the glass from him. Their fingers touched for the briefest of
moments, which
was almost enough to make Spock drift off on another daydream. Leonard sipped
clear liquid in the glass before pronouncing his verdict: "Alcoholic,
definitely. It's called gin.
Well, a gin and tonic, in this case but the emphasize is on the gin."

"I see." Said Spock. He was not sure if he wanted the glass anymore but decided
keeping it with him would make him appear to be more with the party atmosphere.
"Doctor, can we go outside as the smoke in here is hurting my eyes?" he asked

"Certainly." Leonard replied and ordered another drink from the bar man. "And
calling me 'Doctor'. We're off duty call me Len or Leonard, if you have to."

"I will try to, doc... Leonard"

- O -

Outside the sun was starting to set and was turning red as it headed for the
Spock had an urge to tell the doctor that they should do the same thing. There
was nothing
more he wanted at that time to be alone with the Leonard and far away from
He said nothing so it was the doctor that had to say something.

"Nice weather for this time of year."

They sat down on the side of a raised flowerbed. Leonard was looking towards
the sun as
it continued its' course. Spock positioned himself to get a better view of the
doctor with the
warm glows of the sun bringing out the tanned colors of Leonard's skin.

"Indeed," Was all that Spock could find to answer with.

"So why did you come today? Normally you avoid these events like the plague."

"I decided that if I am to be able to avoid these events in the future, I need
to have
experienced them. Otherwise my objections would be personal opinion or hearsay
and not
based in logic." Spock felt that if things went according to his plans, he
would be coming to
more of these events unless he could convince Leonard not to come to them.

"Indeed." Leonard said dreamily, his eyes fixed on the sun and his mind

Spock said nothing but decided to daydream again.

I watch his lips caress the glass,
His fingers stroke its stem and pass
To lift a cigarette at last, he dries his eyes
From a shadow by the stair
I watch as he weeps unaware
That I'm in awe of his despair, but I am there