Poetry in Motion

Title: Poetry in Motion
Author: Cait N.
Paring: S/Mc
Rating: PG
Series: TOS
Summary: PWP - McCoy gives Spock an early anniversary
Challenge: Janet gave me the scenario, "Write a S/Mc that
focuses on Spock and McCoy's anniversary."
Author's Note: What is written on the padd is bracketed by

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"Poetry in Motion"
copyright March 2002 by Cait N.

Kirk sat in his command chair, counting the minutes until
the end of his shift. The past hours had been boring with
a capital B. The Enterprise was on a routine mapping
mission, and unless you were part of stellar cartography,
you might as well sit around and twiddle your thumbs --
there was absolutely nothing to do!

Sulu shifted in his seat with a barely discernible sigh,
and Kirk sympathized with him. He was probably as bored as
Kirk was.

Kirk checked the time again. He still had at least two
hours left to go! The gods certainly had a perverse sense
of humor lately.

The doors to the bridge opened with a slight whoosh, and
Dr. McCoy entered. His face a perfect mask of neutrality,
he approached Spock. No one watching them would
suspect that they'd spent the night before in an all-night
sex marathon. After the tall Vulcan had brought him to
orgasm for the fourth time, McCoy had stopped counting.

At Spock's raised eyebrow, McCoy handed him a padd and
stylus. "Here is a copy of the your last physical. I need
you to go over the results and sign off on it so I can
compile the crew report for the Captain."

Spock took it from him, and the doctor turned around and
left, but not before Spock saw the glint of humor in his

Spock keyed the padd, and words filled the tiny screen.
After reading the first sentence, he raised both eyebrows
and looked around the bridge to see if anyone was paying
him any attention. Kirk's attention was focused on getting
rid of a hangnail, Uhura was practicing her Klingon and
Sulu and Chekov were telling dirty knock-knock jokes. Spock
ducked his head and resumed reading what was definitely NOT
the results of his last physical:

//Come closer my love
Wrap me in your fortress embrace
Warm, sultry nights spent with you
Tangled in sweat soaked sheets
The feel of my hair on your thighs;
Sweet smell of my sex pressed against you.
You're all contradictions,
Hard and sleek like a wildcat
On the prowl, with a touch
As light as down when need be.
Feel this wet, hot warmth
That is just for you.
Touch me, claim me as yours.
Stroke me now, make me liquid fire
And trembling limbs, brought to the peak
By your mouth and tumbled over the edge
By your steely sex.
Even in the throes I feel you throb inside me,
Filling me up to overflowing
And sending me crashing again.
Your kiss so gentle, so loving
Seals my fate and calms my senses
Until I feel it starting all over..

Happy Anniversary, my stubborn, pointy-eared Vulcan.//

Spock adjusted himself, and cleared his throat. "I have
something I need to attend to," he said, getting to his feet
and heading for the lift.

"Is anything wrong, Spock?" Kirk asked with concern. His
second in command looked flushed and his eyes were slightly

"No, everything is fine, Captain," he replied, stepping
into the lift. "Something just came up."