Rating G
Summary:An exercise in the impressions our favorite duo leaves on
those that know them.
Disclaimer: Don't own `em. Just renting them for the moment.
Thanks to Janet for the beta! All remaining errors are mine.

When the lift stopped on deck 28, the two entered the already crowded
space and nodded their respective greetings. This is what the riders

"I am afraid that I must disagree, Doctor."

"Of course you do, Spock. How can you say . . .?"

"It is illogical to assume. . ."

"No it isn't. Not in this . . ."

"You would have me believe . . ."

"That's exactly what I'd . . ."

"I fail to understand . . ."

"Have you even tried?"

"Frequently, but your position lacks sufficient warrant."

"And yours lacks . . ."

"Is this not similar to the situation on . . ."

"Duranna? I suppose, but what about the monarchy . . ."

"You're letting your emotions cloud your judgment, Doctor."

"No, Spock, I'm just seeing other options here. You're saying . . ."

"Two plus two is still four."

"I know that, dammit, but one plus three is four, too."

"Granted, but given the parameters . . ."

And with that, the two exited the lift on deck 5.

What the ensign thought: `Oh please don't let me be assigned to work
with one of them today.'

What Uhura thought: `Ooh. The boys will be having make up sex
tonight. Just the thought of the two them on the other side of my
wall gets me hot. Think I'll see if Scotty's available tonight.'

What Scotty thought: `Well, I'll be getting a visit from Uhura
tonight. Whenever Spock and McCoy fight, she gets all upset. Not
that I mind, of course.'

What Kirk thought: `I wonder what the mess is serving.'

What Chekov said: "I miss the good old days."

"The good old days, Chekov?" Uhura asked.

"You mean before they were bonded?" Asked Scotty.

"Yes." He sighed.

"You mean they didn't fight then?" The ensign bravely asked.

"Oh no. They have always fought. That's what they do." Chekov added.

"No," said Kirk, "Chekov means when they argued in complete

"Exactly," agreed Chekov as they all exited at the bridge. "As the
Russian proverb says, you cannot avoid the mines if you don't know
vhere the minefield is."

What the ensign thought: Some days I think these guys have been in
space too long.