Conclusions and Proposals

Title: Conclusions and Proposals
Author: Jazz Man
Series: TOS
Rating: PG
Codes: S/MC
Disclaimer: I don't own them, but if I did this is what I'd do with them. So
Summary: This is set after ST:TMP, but I don't think you need to have seen it
to understand this. It's 'Take II' because I wrote it first time round as 3rd
person, but wasn't sure about it. I may get round to a Spock POV, and if that
happens I'll have a full set.

Conclusions and Proposals
Jazz Man

The door chime rang out sounding harsh to McCoy's ears. He wasn't sure he wanted to be here, but he had to know.

The door opened revealing Spock dressed in meditation robes. "Doctor McCoy."

"Spock," he said squeezing past the Vulcan into the room. "I wanted to see how you were recovering, since I know I won't get you down to Sickbay."

"You also wanted to see how things are between us now that I have returned from Gol," said Spock simply.

McCoy sat down at Spock's workbench and started fidling with his tricorder. "Am I that transparent?"

"Only to me."

McCoy smiled then ran the tricoder over Spock. "Your readings are almost back to normal, for you that is. Can't beat a hybrid for screwed up lifesigns."

"I have come to realise that I cannot deny my Human heritige," said Spock moving toward McCoy.

"I've been telling you that for years."

Spock almost smiled, "Yes, but I had to come to this conclusion myself."

"What conclusion would that be?" asked McCoy looking at the floor.

Spock knelt down in front of McCoy and gently forced McCoy to look at him, "That I cannot survive without emotion and that with emotion I cannot survive without you. That is if you'll have me, Leonard."

"If I'll have you? Spock, you Vulcan fool, of course I'll have you," said McCoy leaning foward to hug Spock.

Spock smiled, returning the embrace.