The Real McCoy

Title: The Real McCoy
Author: Acidqueen <a.q @>
Series: TOS drabble
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A short-lived fake.
Author's Note: It's Stephen's fault! He offered a title challenge. All
errors are mine.
Disclaimer: The usual.
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Time was of essence, as the three officers and Professor Crater left
the ready room, preparing to catch the monster. But in the doorframe,
Spock grabbed McCoy and smacked him hard. The others froze in shock,
but when Spock struck again, McCoy fought back. Only with a phaser
they could bring the salt creature down.

"How did you know?" Kirk asked Spock in awe.

"I had evidence," Spock replied, flushing. He couldn't really explain
that the fake had been irritated when he had brushed along the
doctor's thighs with the tip of his boot under the table out of