Author: T'Lin ( )
Series: TOS (after ST:IV)
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by T'Lin -- 0208.22

Through all the years we served together on the ENTERPRISE, we never
celebrated Spock's birthday. It seemed as if everyone else had a celebration
at least once ... you know, on those *important* ages, when it seemed some
kind of a milestone was being passed.

But never Spock.

I asked Jim about it once ... after all, they were the closest of friends. He
explained to me how Vulcans don't celebrate the day of their birth ... how
once, before he knew this, he had gone so far as to call Spock's mother, in
an attempt to find the correct 'Earth' date that would have been Spock's
fortieth birthday -- after all, Jim knew that he and Spock were born in the
same year, even if Spock's date of birth in his Starfleet records utilized
the Vulcan dating system.

But Jim's attempt to plan a party were unsuccessful. Oh, Amanda told him the
correct date, alright ... but then she told such a sad tale of Spock's tenth
birthday, and how she had planned a party for Spock while they had been
visiting relatives on Earth, that Jim decided against throwing Spock a party.

A shame, really ... for now I know that Spock would have enjoyed it. Oh, he
probably wouldn't have said so in so many words, but I know ... there's
*nothing* about him that I don't know now. One of the fringe benefits of
holding his Katra, I suppose.

Which is why I have made the plans that I've made ... tomorrow, the old gang
will reunite ... but tonight, Spock and I will have a private celebration.


McCoy had been planning this evening for several months ... he wanted
everything to be perfect. So far, so good ... the table was set, dinner was
almost ready, and the wine was chilling. A quick look around, just to make
sure ... he told himself that everything was perfect ... and it was.

But he was beginning to become a bit concerned. It was not like Spock to be
so much as a minute late, but here it was, five past the hour, and still no
sign of him. McCoy paced ... straightening pillows on the sofa, and fussing
with the silverware. Busy work, to keep his mind off of the fact that Spock
was now seven minutes late.

Just then, the chime sounded, and McCoy jumped. As crazy as it sounded, McCoy
was nervous. "Damn, you'd think I was a kid on my first date," he muttered to
himself, as he went to answer the door.

As it slid open, Spock said, "You are hardly a 'kid'," and then, as the setup
of the room beyond the door registered, he added, "but it does look as if
this might be a 'first date'."

McCoy blushed slightly ... once again, he had forgotten about that remarkable
Vulcan hearing. "Caught again," he said with a smile.

"Forgive my tardiness ... I was unavoidably detained by a student who is in
danger of failing my class." Spock said.

McCoy waved him off, saying, "No problem. Come on in," he added, stepping
aside to allow Spock to enter. "Happy Birthday, Spock."

Spock looked puzzled as he replied, "But Leonard, it is not my birthday ...
the day of my birth is not for another two-point-seven-nine weeks."

McCoy smiled wider. "That's true ... but tonight is the first anniversary of
your 're-birth'," and as he said this, he tapped his temple, as if Spock
needed a reminder to the events of one year ago, when he had died saving the
ship, only to be reborn on the Genesis planet. One year ago tonight, he and
McCoy were undergoing the fal-tor-pan.

"That it is," Spock said, allowing a bit of a smile to touch his lips. "I
must admit to being a bit surprised, however ... after all, I would have
thought that you would have wanted to forget all about the ordeal I put you
through. I know how difficult it was for you ..."

But McCoy cut him off. "No more difficult than it was for you." After saying
that, he took a step closer to Spock, saying, "And believe me when I say I'd
do it all over again, if the situation called for it ..." then he gently
reached out and touched Spock's cheek as he added, "you've become quite
precious to me."

Spock closed his eyes, as he reached to cover McCoy's hand with his own. He
turned his head slightly, kissing McCoy's palm as he did, then said, "You
have always been precious to me ... but then, you probably know that, do you

"Yes, I do ... and had I known all those years ago, I would have done
something about it sooner." With that admission finally out in the open, he
kissed Spock. Although his heart was racing, he did not want to rush things,
Spock was, after all, inexperienced. The kiss was a bit awkward at first, but
soon Spock relaxed, and began to explore McCoy's mouth with his tongue. McCoy
did likewise.

The timer going off in the kitchen startled them. McCoy pulled away slightly,
and was shocked by the openness of Spock's expression ... he had never seen
such pure pleasure on the usually stoic face. McCoy smiled, and with a small
laugh, he said, "Dinner's ready," then stepped back, taking Spock by the
hand, "Shall we? I've prepared your favorite meal ... and for dessert," he
added with a wink, "well, let's just say that one of it's main ingredients is
cinnamon ... and I think we'll both enjoy the side effects."

"Indeed," Spock said with a raised brow ... and indeed they would, for he
recalled the effect cinnamon had on him the one time he had eaten a cinnamon
roll. He smiled, as he sat at the dinner table, already aroused by McCoy's
kiss and the memory of his cinnamon induced ardor of years past, and
contemplated the nights ahead, spent in exploration of the one man he had
always loved.