Reports from the Ship

Not beta'd. Not rated. Not summarized. Words are mine, characters
aren't. Feedback always welcome. Spam, only if grilled.


What the biobed reported:

"Okay, Spock, that's it. Just stay off the leg as much as you can

"Thank you, doctor."

"What's that look for, Spock? Something else bothering you?"


"What is?"



"Yes. You are the only being I know who can be exceedingly annoying
while being quite reasonable."

"Just screws with your whole Vulcan logic, doesn't it?"


What the mediation mat reported:

"Dammit Spock, I'm a doctor not an acrobat. Oh sweet heaven."

"May I increase my speed now?"

"Hell yeah."

"You are enjoying this?"

"Oh yeah. Remind me to sign up for the yoga class in the rec room."

What Science Lab 1 reported:

"I have good news and bad news."

"Very well, doctor. What is the bad news?"

"Christine found out about us."


"She overheard Geoff tell me that although the link can alleviate any
pain, he still wants us to use lubrication to avoid tearing or

"Unfortunate. How did she react?"

"Well she was so mad she threw the first thing she could reach at me."

"And what is the good news?"

"She threw the lube."