Secret Admirer

Author: T'Lin ( )
Series: TOS
Code: S/? (it's a secret, after all <g>)
Rating: PG
Summary: Spock is given a Valentine's Day Card, signed simply, 'your secret
admirer' and tries to discover who it is from.
Note: a brief vignette in answer to the challenge -- Write a story involving
a valentine card.
Note 2: The Poem "To My Best Friend" was written by T'Lin March '97
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom own all things TREK. I just borrow from their
wonderful universe for my own enjoyment, and the entertainment of others. No
copyright infringement is intended, nor do I make any money off of this. This
original piece of fanfiction is the property of T'Lin, 14 February, 2002.
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by T'Lin 0202.14

As his door opened, he discovered the small, rectangular item on the floor.
Bending down, he recognized it was an envelope. It was pale pink, with a
swirling line of darker pink hearts along the edge, leading to his name
written in ancient Vulcan script down its center.

Turning it over in his hand, as if there would be some clue to its origin on
the other side, he saw that the hearts were the only markings to be found.
Crossing to his desk, he retrieved the old-fashioned letter opener his mother
had given him. Although he seldom received 'letters', he continued to keep
the small, thin knife on his desk.

Carefully inserting the knife under the flap, he gently opened the envelope.
Inside was a card, covered in more of the pink hearts. In the center of the
card, surrounded by the hearts, were the words, 'With Thoughts of Love' ...
an eyebrow raised, as Spock pulled the card from the envelope.

He opened it, and a shower of tiny pink hearts cascaded from the card,
covering his desk and spilling onto the floor. But it was not the tiny hearts
that left him speechless ... it was the words, so delicately inscribed inside
the card:


the other half of my soul ...
until we can be together without limitations ...

when we are with others..... I feel
An aching deep within my soul ...
A yearning to touch ...
And be touched.

when we are together...I feel
A burning need within my heart ...
A desire to possess ...
And be possessed.

when I am alone..... I feel
An emptiness within my mind ...
A need to think ...
And be thought of.

How much more can I endure ...
Of this aching ...
Burning ...
Emptiness ...

I feel we are together, yet always apart

My love ...
I'll hold you in my heart ...
And quench the fires within ...
With thoughts of love.

Your Secret Admirer


Spock found himself sitting, yet he did not recall doing so. His mind was in
turmoil ... who could have sent the card? Obviously, it had come from someone
with a serious romantic interest in him ... but romance was not part of the
Vulcan psyche. If someone were projecting romantic intentions toward him, he
was oblivious of it.

The one person who *might* have sent such a message was no longer aboard
ship, and for that, Spock was eternally grateful. The thought of trying to
deal with yet another of her blatant displays of affection, when he could not
reciprocate, made him shudder inwardly. Yet if it was not Nurse Chapel, then

He found himself thinking of his fellow crew mates ... one by one, he
analyzed his relationship with each, looking for any sign that there could
possibly be anything more than friendship between them. As he did, he
realized that there were several onboard whom he would not object to calling
t'hy'la in the most basic level of the word ... but the message the card sent
was far too romantic to have come from any of them, as far as he had seen.

Obviously, he was missing something.

Scooping up the heart-shaped confetti that drifted to the floor then setting
the card on his desk, he knelt in front of the small flame of the firepot to
meditate. However, after several attempts to clear his mind, he gave up, and
went to bed.

Perhaps a good nights sleep would bring clarity to the situation.


Come morning, despite the rather erotic dreams he had experienced, Spock
still had no idea who the Valentine Card had come from. Picking the card up
once more, he re-read the poem, wondering if the words themselves would give
any clue as to who wrote it. Although his body reacted to the words, there
was still no impression of who they had come from. With a small shake of his
head, he put the card down, and left his quarters ... time for a quick
breakfast before his duty shift started.

Obviously, unless his 'secret admirer' let something slip, he would not find
out who it was ... at least not from the card.

Still somewhat preoccupied, he retrieved his tray from the food replicator,
then scanned the mess hall for a place to sit. The Captain and McCoy were
sitting at a table near the back, and as he spotted them, Jim looked up and
beckoned to him.

Crossing the room to join them, he considered mentioning the card ... but the
thought left him uneasy. As he sat, he decided to keep the card to himself
... but something of his mood must have shown on his face, as Kirk asked if
he were all right.

Before Spock could answer, McCoy piped in with his own observations about him
looking distracted. When Spock looked at McCoy, he expected to see concern in
the light blue eyes, just as he had seen in Kirk's. But there was something
else ... a twinkle, as if he were very pleased with himself over something.
Spock raised a brow and McCoy smiled.

'Curious,' Spock thought, then decided to mention getting a Valentine Card,
just to see their reactions. Spock was not really surprised when Kirk was the
first one to ask who it was from, then looked around the room and asked with
a wink and a whisper if he had a secret admirer.

At his softly spoken words, McCoy started to cough ... apparently choking on
the coffee he was drinking. Instantly, Spock turned to offer assistance, and
as he did, their eyes locked ... and in that one simple look, there was no
doubt in his mind who his secret admirer was.