Slipped from Grasp

Title: Slipped From Grasp
Author: Qzeebrella
Disclaimer: neither Enterprise nor her crew is mine, no profit being
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Rating: PG-13, maybe?
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Unbeta'd so all mistakes are solely my own

Slipped From Grasp

A few weeks after Captain Picard had visited him, his cherished mate
had finally finished the research he had been working on. Research
that was already saving lives. The last few months had been glorious
on Romulus, but now...

Shallow steady breaths fill the cavern. Spock gently caressed
Leonard's face, lingering over the meld points. To feel his beloved's
essence, the strength of his personality, the glowing transcendent
soul. Taking away the pain, drawing it into himself.

His t'hyla was exhausted. From having lived a long life. From
dedicating as much of himself as possible to healing others both
physically and emotionally.

Spock knew his Leonard was close, so very close to slipping from his
grasp. So close to leaving him. So close to something Leonard had
diligently fought against for his patients.

Spock remembered a time when Leonard had looked him in the eye at the
beginning of their life together. Leonard's eyes mischievous, so full
of love and, what puzzled him at the time, sorrow. Leonard had looked
at him and said, "I can only promise you a lifetime."

Spock remembered replying, "A lifetime will be enough."

He swallowed harshly at the memory and whispered, "A lifetime is not
enough, I wish I could hold onto your essence, what makes you unique
forever beloved."

Spock felt a gentle flicker go through his mind, soothing him.
Swallowing tears for he realized, he knew it was Leonard trying to
comfort him, ease his pain, even now.

Spock cherished the soothing, the healing, for it was Leonard. The
core of who and what Leonard was. The flicker grew weaker.

Leonard's glowing, blazing soul fading into an ember.

A raspy breath seemed to echo through the cavern, through Spock's

Then only silence.

No sound from Leonard.

No other presence in his mind.

Only silence.

Filled suddenly by soft sobs and gasps of pain.

As Spock mourned.

The end