Title: Stope (Found)
Author: Loonywoif
Pairing: Spock/McCoy
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Archive: Just tell me where
Summary: Now Found



//A common frame of reference! No of course we dont, we were just mate- mated... in love dammit for years. But I dont... you dont remember, do you, my stubborn, pigheaded Vulcan?//   McCoy frowned and stared at the gunmetal gray door before him. Shaking his head, he turned away and walked down the hall. Suddenly stopping short, he half ran back to the door and quick tapped a passcode into the door lock. Moving back silently, McCoy entered the room. Turning around swiftly, he memorized the layout before the door closed. A darker patch indicated a doorway. He walked through and noticed his... noticed Spock.

Spock lay on the bed, his arms at his side. Ambient light ran over his dark hair, caressing his distinctive nose. A breath slipped from McCoys lips as he knelt beside the bed. He knew Spock remembered him but how could Spock have forgotten all they meant to each other. The look Spock gave him when they welcomed him back. Spock looking through him. Spock... his pointy eared lover who seemed not to remember him.

Too soon, McCoy knew he would have to leave this... lovely man who held his heart. They werent that far from Earth and that much closer to trial and punishment. That much closer to the time, theyd have to separate. Not much time to remind Spock, not much time for anything. To what end? To remind Spock of a love that he will lose as soon as the trial is over? Shaking his head, McCoy made his decision.

Moving slowly, he stood up and turned away. A whisper crept from his tight throat, Goodbye, Thyla.

A rustle came from behind him, a hand shot forward and took his. The hand pulled him back gently. A beloved voice spoke softly, Thyla. //I remember.//