"There are nine thousand eight hundred and seven intelligent species in the known galaxy," McCoy said, "and all of them drink tea."

Spock did not look up from his book. "Does that include humans?"

"We drink tea."

"You don't."

"I'm still human."


McCoy gave up. He went over to the catering unit - it was one of the new voice-activated ones - and said "Coffee, black, hot." He came back. "Do you ever wonder what would happen with those things if you asked for 'Coffee, purple, mellow'?"


McCoy eyed him. "Or what would happen if I asked for 'Vulcan, naked, hot'?"

Spock looked up. "I would recommend you wait till the end of the chapter."

McCoy kissed the back of his neck. "Paragraph?"

"Sentence," said Spock, finishing his.