The Immunity Syndrome Goodbye

Title: The Immunity Syndrome Goodbye
Author: Hymoor
Series: TOS
Codes: Pre S/Mc
Rating: (PG)
Archive: Really, you want to??
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Star Trek. Paramount-Viacom Inc. owns it all. What a bummer.
Summary: The scene picks up at the end of "The Immunity Syndrome," just as Kirk is about to give the command to proceed to Starbase 6.
This is an AU in which the order of episodes is Amok Time, The Immunity Syndrome, then Journey To Babel.


"Mr. Chekov, lay in a course for Starbase 6."

Uhura suddenly straightened at her board. "Captain, I'm picking up a faint distress signal," reaching to make an adjustment, "It's a ship's disaster beacon, Starship class," a pause, "The Intrepid, sir."

"Belay that order. Mr. Chekov, do a wide scan. Find the source of that signal." Kirk sat slowly back in the command chair, turning to face Uhura.

"It's the automatic emergency signal, sir," Uhura reported, frowning slightly in concentration. "It's very faint, and intermittent."

"Survivors, maybe? What do you think, Bones?"

"Jim, I don't know. They had longer contact with the organism then we did, and Spock was certain they were all dead..." slowly, shaking his head, McCoy faintly smiled "Don't tell him I said this, but I'd tend to trust what Spock says."

Nodding in agreement, Kirk tapped a control on his command
chair, "Spock, how are you doing?"

"I am completing the final shut down of the shuttle, and will be
disembarking momentarily, Sir." Spock replied promptly.

"Bones and I were about to come down to met you, but we've got a new development up here. We're picking up an automatic distress signal from the Intrepid. No visual yet, but it's something."

"On my way, sir."

Kirk turned to look at Chekov manning the science station. "Report, Chekov."

"Got it Captain. It's The Intrepid, all right, or rather her remains. The mass is less than half of what it should be." Straightening, Chekov turned to face the Captain. "No life signs, sir."

"Damm. It was a hope."

"Sulu, set a course for her, impulse power."

"Aye, sir."

It was a quiet few minutes, time enough for everyone to catch their breaths. Time to realize that they had survived yet again. Time for McCoy to check with sickbay.

"Captain, we have visual now."

"Put it on screen, Sulu."

The starfield changed to show the remains of a Constitution Class Starship. Or rather the partial remains. In the center of the display, floated the heavily damaged primary hull, its saucer shape no longer smooth and shinning. Large sections were torn open to space, including the bridge. A blackened area partially obscured the wide lettering that proclaimed that this vesicle was The USS Intrepid, NCC-1708. The interconnecting dorsal section that connected the primary and secondary hulls ended in a jagged opening at approximately a third of its length. Of the secondary hull and the nacelles there was no sign.

Kirk took a deep breath, meeting McCoy's eyes, "Yeah, we were lucky."

Suddenly, the lift doors swished open, and a somewhat battered Spock stepped unto the bridge.

"Captain," he began, walking slowly forward, limping slightly, until he stood next to Uhura, his eyes locked on the screen and the Intrepid.

"Good to see you, Spock." Kirk stood and walked toward the railing and Spock, who stood with his eyes fixated on the screen. "Scans are showing no life signs."

Spock shot a glance at Chekov still manning the science station. "The rest of the ship?"

Chekov straightened, facing Spock, "I'm sorry sir, but sensors are showing no other remains."

Spock nodded, his shoulders sagging, looking suddenly exhausted. He took a deep breath; still looking intently at The Intrepid, then said something softly in Vulcan, making a gesture with his right hand.

McCoy, who was walking toward him heard only one word
clearly, "skan."

*Enough,* McCoy thought, *Time to get him off the bridge.* Aloud, he said "Spock, come on, I need to check you out in sickbay and see what damage you've done to yourself this time."

Spock nodded, taking his eyes from the Intrepid to look at Kirk.

Kirk motioned at the lift with his hands, "Go, Spock. We have it handled here. You're off duty until Bones clears you."

"Yes, Sir." Turning, he slowly walked back toward the lift, McCoy following closely.

Once the doors closed, Kirk turned to look back at the screen, "Uhura, contact Starfleet Command. Send them our logs, and
inform them about the condition of the Intrepid."

Stepping up onto the walkway, he continued "Our leave is on hold for a while folks. We'll stand Honor Guard until Starfleet Command sends us a relief."


Almost two hours later, McCoy stepped back out onto the bridge.

Kirk was listening to Scotty. "Aye, Captain. We'll have most of the damage repaired within the next 16 hours. Warp drive will be up long before that, most likely within another hour, two at the most. We do have some structural damage to the port nacelle that would be best repaired at a dock facility, such as Starbase 6. If we could put in there, the repairs could easily be done within a week."

"Sounds good Scotty. Don't forget to stop and get something to eat and some rest."

"As soon as the warp drive is back on line, sir. Then I'll take a
break and give Lieutenant Finne a chance to gain some experience. It'll be good for her." Scotty said smiling as he passed the Doctor heading for the lift.

"Hello, Bones. How's Spock?" Kirk asked.

"Banged up. His right knee was twisted and damaged some. I've repaired it, but he won't be running any marathons for a while. He also had a lot a bruises, and three cracked ribs. All treated now." McCoy frowned slightly, continuing "I've pulled him off duty for 48 hours, Jim. He needs it. He had a pretty rough ride and then there is that," nodding toward the drifting Intrepid.

"Yes, there's that," Kirk said, frowning at the image of the dead Starship. "You know, every time we were in port together, us and the Intrepid, Spock would disappear over to her for a least a couple of hours, usually more. At first, I was afraid that Captain T'Pell was trying to recruit him."

"Yeah, I know. Maybe he just needed a touch of home once in a while. A chance to get away from us emotional humans."

"It's a real shame that this happened now," Kirk said, nodding at the screen. "We were suppose to be getting a transfer from them. An Engineer. I just got the notice in the last batch of papers Command sent us. Admiral Nogura was ecstatic, two Vulcans on a regular fleet ship."

"Damm," McCoy breathed. Then looking around the bridge, he frowned slightly, seeing the normal first shift crew still on duty. "Jim, how much longer are you planning on keeping these people and yourself on duty? You all could use a break."

Smiling, Kirk replied, "Only about another 15 minutes. Our relief should be showing up any time now. DeSalle will be taking over the con. Let me finish up this one report, and I'll let you drag me down to the mess to get something to eat."

"Sounds good," McCoy replied, while moving off to check with the rest of the bridge crew.

Over the next 10 minutes, McCoy stopped and spoke a few words with each crewmember, until he ended with Uhura. "Nyota, how are you doing?"

Looking up at him, Uhura straightened, stretching her shoulders, "I'm doing okay, Len. Nothing wrong with me that something to eat, and a hot shower won't fix." Reaching out, she made a couple adjustments to her board, in preparation to shift change.

"Len, when Spock was up here, and saw the Intrepid, did you heard what he said?"

"No, I couldn't hear it, he was speaking too softly. The only thing I could make out was he was speaking in Vulcan."

"Yes, it was Vulcan," Uhura said slowly, meeting his eyes. "What he said was a benedictionI THINK. He definitely used a word, 'skan,' which means 'family'. And not just any family, but close family: brothers, sister, husband, wife, that kind of family."

"Damm," McCoy sighed deeply, meeting Uhura's eyes. "Thanks for telling me."

Suddenly, the relief crew was here, and McCoy moved to an out of the way corner while reports were given. He only half-heard the low conversations taking place, observing the interaction between the oncoming and outgoing crew. The majority of eyes keep drifting to the image of The Intrepid that floated sad and dead on the view screen.

As reports were completed, people left by ones and twos until only Kirk was left finishing up with DeSalle. "Well, that's it,
Lieutenant. Fleet should be getting back to us any time now with something beyond the acknowledgement of message received they've already sent us. When they do, give me a call. The Con's yours."

"Yes, Sir."

Kirk turned and walked toward McCoy. Just as he reached him, the comm. sounded, "Spock to Bridge."

Kirk turned and motioned for DeSalle to response.

"DeSalle here, Sir."

"Lieutenant, please rotate the ship sixteen degrees to port," Spock requested.

"Aye, Sir," DeSalle replied. "Mr. Kyle, if you please."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. Spock out."

Kirk and McCoy locked eyes for a moment, then Kirk turned to the Ensign Chin manning communications, "Where was that call made from?"

After checking his board, Chin replied, "Captain, he was in the
forward observation lounge."

"Thank you, Ensign." Turning, he motioned to McCoy to the lift.

Once they were inside and on their way, Kirk said, "Think we should go and find out what's going on?"

McCoy frowned slightly, and shook his head, "No...not yet at least. Let's give him a little time to get his balance first."

"Okay." Kirk stood quietly for a moment, and then raised his hands to rub his face and run his hands through his hair. "Long day, Bones."

"Yes, long day," McCoy responded, as the lift doors opened and they walked into the corridor and the mess.


It had been a quiet meal. Neither of them had been much inclined to conversation. Just a few words here and there. Now after taking the last bite of his meal, Kirk leaned back in his seat sipping his coffee.

"Okay, Bones, what are we going to do about Spock?"

"We'll have to check and see if he's all right. He sounded awfully tired back there." He took a slow sip of coffee, continuing, "When Spock was up on the bridge and saw the Intrepid, and said whatever that was and..." McCoy moved his right hand in an approximation of the gesture Spock had made, then raised his head to met Kirk's gaze.


"Uhura was close enough to him to hear and understand what he said. She thinks it was some sorta benediction. And that's not all, he used a specific word that means close family."

Kirk sat back, closing his eyes and letting out a long slow breath. "Oh, God."


"What do you know about Vulcan death rituals?"

"Not much, there's a little in the medical databanks. But mostly
that's about how to treat bodies. If M'Benga was here, we could ask him, but he's not. He's not due back till next month."

Kirk nodded, when the intercom paged, "Captain Kirk."

Kirk moved swiftly to the comm. unit on the wall, hitting the
acknowledge button with the side of his hand. "Kirk here."

"Captain," DeSalle said, "We have a priority call coming in from Starfleet Command, Admiral Nogura wishes to speak to you."

"Right. It'll take me a few minutes to get to my quarters, and then I'll take it there."

"Yes, sir."

Turning to McCoy, who had followed him from the table. "Bones..."

"Go Jim. I'll take care of this," gesturing toward the table. "And then I'll go check with Spock."

"Thanks," Kirk said over his shoulder, heading for the door.

McCoy bussed their table, deliberately. Taking slow, deep breaths throughout, gathering his courage to approach Spock. When he was done, he closed his eyes and took one final slow deep breath in and slowly let it out. Then turn and walked swiftly for the exit.


McCoy reached the observation lounge to find that Spock had
the "Occupied: do not disturb" signal engaged. He paused, and then, using his medical override, he entered.

Spock had the lights dimmed to a minimum level, leaving just enough light for McCoy to make out the Vulcan sitting in one of the lounge chairs that were placed in front of the observation port. On the low table next to the chair he had a small container and a glass.

Spock's head turned at McCoy's entrance. "Doctor."

"Spock. S'ti ht'laktra," he pronounced carefully. The Vulcan's "I grieve with thee."

His face expressionless, Spock stared at him for a long moment. Then, visibly relaxing said, "Thank you, Leonard." And motioning to the chair next to his, "Sit, if you would like."

Walking forward, McCoy came to the chair and slowly lowered himself into it. His eyes were drawn to the wreckage centered in the view port. "God, what a waste."


"Jim was coming with me, but Admiral Nogura called and he had to deal with him."


They were both quiet for a long moment, looking at the sad sight of the Intrepid.

"Spock, on the bridge, what you said..."

"Words for the departed, the beginning of closure."

"You used a word, skan, which if I understand correctly means close family."

There was a long pause in which McCoy began to suspect that Spock was not going to respond. But, finally Spock turned toward him, saying, "Yes, you understand correctly."

"Captain T'Pell was the sister of my Grandmother. And one of the few of my relatives to whom did not judge my joining of Starfleet as a total disgrace."

"Also, Sontell was onboard." Spock turned to face the Intrepid. "In another 10 days, he would not have been. He was to transfer the Enterprise. We were to pick him up on Starbase 6."

Spock had his eyes closed now and was breathing fast and shallow. He continued in a low voice, "He was to be my bondmate."

"What?!?" McCoy turned to stare at Spock.

Spock continued, "Yes, you heard. We were to be bonded. Sontell and I. Two males." His eyes tightly closed, Spock took a ragged breath.

"Spock, Spock, look at me! The fact that your intended bondmate was male is NOT an issue. Remember me, Human, we have sex and form relationships with just about anyone. I'm surprised is all, I didn't expect you to find a new bondmate so soon."

The tension slowly left Spock. Softly, he said, "We were going to tell everyone on Starbase 6. I wanted you to meet him first. After the...disarray with T'Pring, I just wanted you to meet him first. I think you would have liked him. He was a good man."

"I'm so sorry, Spock. I would have liked to have meet him."

"He was looking forward to coming to the Enterprise. Of meeting all of you."

Spock leaned back into the softness of the chair, silently observing The Intrepid. Slowly his breathing deepened, and became more regular.

After a while, McCoy got up and walked to the wall comm. to call Jim. To tell him that Spock would be all right in time. That he would be staying here awhile, until Spock was ready to leave, and go to his quarters for a much needed rest.

Once he was done, he turned to look at Spock. Knowing that his friend would be okay. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but he would be okay over time. Considering what he had learned. Considering new possibilities.

The End