The Perfect Pizza

Title: The Perfect Pizza
Author: Sileya

Series: TOS

Rating: PG

Codes: S/Mc

Part: 1/1

Summary: Spock and McCoy share the perfect pizza while on shore leave.

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Archive: Yes

Thanks: To Farfalla, for the challenge. I feel better already.


The Perfect Pizza


"Here we go, Spock, dinner," Leonard McCoy walked into the cabana with two
rectangular cardboard boxes and a wide grin.

Spock glanced up from his pad, taking in the doctor dressed in knee-length
cutoff denims and a wrinkled T-shirt. An eyebrow cocked when the aroma from the
boxes wafted toward him. "Pizza?"

Len's grin crashed to the floor. "You've had pizza before?"

Spock nodded, his interest shown by how quickly he turned off his padd and moved
out of the chaise lounge. "In San Fransisco. Quite satisfying."

Len raised his eyes to heaven and grumbled as he walked over to the table,
dropping the boxes. "You think you get one over on him, and then..."

Spock turned that eyebrow on again and Len sighed. "Yeah, I know. I should know
better by now. But I keep trying!" Grin restored, Len shuffled the boxes so both
sit on the tabletop.

Spock gave a ghost of a smile as he watched Len fiddle with the boxes.

"So the restaurant was promoting thin-crust pizza, and I got a craving," Len
said as he opened the boxes. Spock leaned closer to inspect the goods, drawing
back sharply as Len muffled a curse.

"Damnit, I'm a doctor, not a food inspector! You'd think they'd get the order
right!" Len sat down in one of the wicker chairs at the table with a thump.

Spock shifted the boxes to look at the steaming pies. "What did you order?"

"One with every veggie known to man, the other with double meat, of course. But
it looks like we got two 'everythings' instead," Len said disgustedly. "I'm
sorry, Spock."

Spock sat down at the table, his knees almost brushing the apologetic doctor. He
favored the human with another upward turn of his lips. "I will adapt," he
answered, gingerly pulling a steaming piece of pizza from the box.

Len's face lit up. "Really? You don't mind? That's great!" he reached eagerly in
for a piece, stringing cheese into the air as he pulled his treat from the box.

Spock set the slice of pizza on a napkin, looking at it closely. "Do we have

Len's face fell again. Spock didn't even look up, feeling the answer instead.
"Eat your pizza, Len. It's OK," he said softly, still looking over his slice.

Len paused, looking fondly at the Vulcan who seemed so at ease in this relaxed
setting. He smiled again as he watched Spock, surprisingly dressed in jeans and
a Henley-style shirt, studying his current specimen of dinner

Len brought his slice of pizza to his mouth. But something green caught his
attention. "Spock, you like green peppers?"

Spock looked up, hand hovering over his pizza. "Yes," he answered cautiously.

Len looked at the slice of pizza in his hand. With just a moment's thought, he
picked off the large sliver of offensive green pepper and plopped it right on
top of Spock's piece.

Spock blinked.

"How about mushrooms?" Before Spock could answer the action was repeated, two
slices of fresh mushroom appearing atop Spock's slice.

Spock took the hint. "I will be safe in assuming you will eat all this ... meat
product?" Spock held up a thick pepperoni between two fingertips like he can
barely stand to touch it.

Len nabbed the pepperoni with a quick swipe of his fingers and popped it
straight into his mouth, and there appeared that grin again. Spock just shook
his head and began sorting his pizza, pushing aside the meat for Len, who kept
nabbing it to supplement his own pizza.

In return, Spock gained a couple chunks of tomato, another slice of green pepper
and several large slivers of red onion.

After about ten minutes, the two managed to each finish one piece of pizza, and
sat looking at each other, bemused.

Len watched Spock with a content smile and then perked up. "Want another slice?"
he asked, already reaching into the box.

Spock's lips twitched as the second slice was set in front of him. He reached
out and plucked off the pepperoni, sausage chunks and beef bits before Len
deposited vegetables on top of them.

Len laughed as he held out a large slice of green pepper. "Anything we can do
for interspecies relations, I say, go for it!"

Spock glanced up at Len and the green pepper, and with barely a second's
hesitation, moved his head to latch on to the pepper with a delicate snap of his
teeth, pulling it free of Len's fingers.

Len blinked.

Spock was already operating on his slice of pizza before Len shook himself out
of his surprise. He looked at Spock sideways and carefully held out another
slice of green pepper.

Snap! went the Vulcan's white teeth. Len almost shuddered.

Instead, he nabbed a slice of pepperoni from Spock's discard pile and carefully
considered his next move as the Vulcan acted like nothing silly or in the least
sensuous was happening. With a sly smile, Len picked up a chunk of tomato,
securing it carefully between three fingers.

Spock nearly smiled as his peripheral vision caught Len's next move. After
swallowing his bite of bread and cheese, he turned to Len's fingers and leaned
forward nonchalantly (noticing the catch of breath in Len's chest) and placed
his lips over Len's fingers.

Spock's tongue darted over the tomato and Len's fingers while his dark eyes
raised to meet the smolder in Len's gaze. After just a second he sucked the
tomato from between Len's fingers and pulled away, turning back to his pizza.

Len's hand stayed suspended in air for several seconds, his eyes far away,
before he turned a look full of heat and frustration on Spock, who studiously
avoided looking in that direction as he bit off a bite of veggie-laden pie.

Len stared down at his pizza for a few moments, when a slice of pepperoni
appeared in midair before his eyes, suspended from Vulcan fingers. Len's
eyebrows hit the ceiling, but he quickly recovered, leaning forward to envelop
those fingers in his mouth.

Len's tongue stroked the fingers as he sucked the succulent oils of the pizza
from them, finally pulling the pepperoni free with the tiniest nip on the index
finger. Spock's hand jerked ever so slightly, and then lowered slowly.

Len sat back chewing in a haze, looking at the Vulcan sitting very near, who was
still studying that damn piece of pizza.

"Spock?" Len finally managed to gasp softly.

"Len, I think this is the perfect pizza," Spock said just as softly.

Len grinned.