Got You Under My Skin

Author: kira-nerys
Title Got You Under My Skin
Codes: S, Mc
Rating: PG
Summary: Spock and McCoy are bickering.
Disclaimer: If you don't know who these boys belong to by now, you
need help... I make no profit from this.
Author's notes: This was written for Jen Chapman. Luv ya, my friend. .


McCoy sighed deeply and poured himself a glass of brandy, not even
looking at the Vulcan standing beside him.

"Spock, you're missing the point."

"I do not believe that I am."

"Yes, you are. Watching holovids, reading a fictional novel or going
bar-hopping is supposed to be relaxing."


"Drinking, having a good time with ladies."

"That does not seem particularly useful."

"It doesn't have to be useful, Spock! It doesn't even have to have a

"I would assume the purpose is 'to relax', Doctor."

"Dammit, Spock... "

Said Vulcan lifted an eyebrow at the stunned doctor, who fought it,
but eventually couldn't help but grin.

"All right, you pointed eared Vulcan. We're getting somewhere at last.
Now you're seeing the point."

"But I do not need to relax."

"Yes you do."

"Doctor, you are incorrect. Vulcans do not need to engage in any of
the activities you mentioned."

"Spock. All sentient beings need to relax, charge their batteries."

"Vulcans do not have batteries, Doctor. I was not aware that humans

McCoy sighed loudly and flopped down on his chair, filling his glass
with another shot of brandy. He'd need them tonight, he was sure.

"You're a big pain in the ass, you know that, Spock?"

"A pain in the ass. Now I am rather sure I have never been accused of
being that particular nuisance before..."

An eyebrow lifted and McCoy could have sworn there was amusement, and
maybe something else in the Vulcan's voice, but his expression didn't
change at all. It was as cool as it always was.

"I don't even know why I do this."

"I have never said that you must."

"No, but that's the problem. If I weren't around, you'd be a fucking
walking computer, who'd forget that you even have a human drop of
blood in your body."

"Technically, I do not." Spock said.

"See, there you go again. That logical, Vulcan mind of yours is
taking things literally. Always." McCoy was getting really annoyed,
and he rose to his feet, waving his hands in the air to make his
point. Spock looked at the glass of brandy with a hint of worry in his
eyes. Pointedly, McCoy put the glass on his desk. Nobody could push
his buttons the way Spock could, and by god, this time he wouldn't
just let it slip. No sir-ee!

"I simply wish to... " Spock began, but  was immediately interrupted.

"What you wish, Spock, is to annoy me!" McCoy started pacing, and
turned abruptly to glare at Spock. "Every time we talk, you always do
that. Rub me the wrong way, do everything you can to ruffle my
feathers. I don't get it. It's like..."

Then he halted mid-step and truly focused his gaze at Spock,
scrutinizing him. Spock, who was standing beside McCoy's desk with his
hands clasped behind his back, looked completely innocent - as usual.
But... that act was just that - an act. McCoy was suddenly very sure
of it. Spock was trying to get under his skin on purpose.

"Would you consider us friends, Spock?" he asked abruptly.

Spock didn't reply at once, but didn't look away, and McCoy cursed
silently to himself. He'd be damned if...

"Vulcans do not make friends easily, Doctor," Spock said in a flat
tone of voice.

"No, they don't, do they?" McCoy said. "But that doesn't really answer
my question."

He moved closer to Spock and looked him straight in the eye. Usually,
getting close to the Vulcan would make him strangely uncomfortable,
and make him want to lash out. But he didn't let the close proximity
to Spock bother him this time.

It would be so much fun if he could put Spock off balance - just once.
Just once in his life, if he could really do something that would rock
the Vulcan's boat, and good. Then a smile crept onto his face as an
idea came into his mind. He leaned forward and put his hands on
Spock's shoulders, holding him in place. The Vulcan didn't move an
inch. He didn't react at all. Not even the famous eye-brow lifted.
Heart beating wildly in his chest, McCoy pressed his lips fully on
Spock's mouth.

Now that ought to shake Spock out of his calm all right, he decided.

But, what happened next, shocked him more, because the Vulcan didn't
pull back and stare at him coldly as he'd expected. Instead, strong,
Vulcan arms wrapped around his waist. Warm, softer-than-expected
Vulcan lips pressed against his, and McCoy thought he'd die. The stab
of arousal that shot through him was as intense as it was unexpected,
and when Spock's mouth opened and a probing tongue brushed against his
lips, all McCoy could do was open his mouth and let it in.

Spock pulled away.

"I must say, Doctor, I am disappointed in you. I expected you to
'catch on' somewhat sooner ..."

For once, Leonard McCoy didn't know what to say.