You and I

Title: You and I
Author: Jazz Man
Series&Pairing: TOS S/Mc
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own much and certainly not Star Trek or Kirk (not
that I'd want him), Spock, McCoy, Uhura and Scotty (some of whom I

Summary: Set after 'I'd Love Making Love to You'. The boys get some
leave. Fairly plotless.

Notes: Yup, I am still alive. Unfortunatly I've been of list since I
came home, partly cause I broke my bloody arm, and now cause it's two
weeks 'til I go to Germany (Birgit: It'd be great to meet up with
you, your email doesn't like me much).

I have finally finished this damnable thing (sorry it's late. Janet,
you may punish me as you see fit) and I now present it to you. Do
with it as you will, but remember there's one more to go.

You and I
Jazz Man

I don't know how he managed to do it, but the crafty Vulcan - are all
Vulcans crafty or is it just this one? - Anyway, he managed to get
two weeks leave on Earth at the same time I had leave due. He had
sent me a message telling me that he hoped I would be free and asking
me if I would meet him at the transport station in San Francisco. He
had looked pretty excited, for him at least and I know I was
excited. It had been six months since Arkana and I'd missed him.
Boy, had I missed him.

If the information he had given me was correct, and knowing him it
was probably correct to the nanosecond, he was due in the next few
minutes. I tried to school my expression into something more
appropriate than a very wide, very stupid grin. I didn't want to
embarrass him that much, not yet at least.

A rush of people came out from the main transporter room. If I was
right, they were from the Enterprise. They were certainly 'Fleet.
According to what Spock had told me, most of the Enterprise crew had
started their leave a few days ago, but some of the crew had had to
stay behind. The stream began to thin out and I was convinced I'd
have to wait even longer when I caught sight of him. The grin made
its presence known again, though it dimmed a little when I saw that
Kirk was with him. The man really didn't want me to hug Spock.

"Captain, Commander," I said, playing it safe.

Kirk smiled, "Jim, please, we're on leave."

"Doctor McCoy. It is agreeable to see you again," said Spock, a
laugh lurking behind his eyes.

"Agreeable, Spock? What kind of a word is that?" I asked, taking up
the challenge.

"Agreeable is an adjective, Doctor."

"I know that, Spock. I'm a doctor, not an imbecile."

Kirk looked at Spock and than at me. "I think, gentlemen, that I'll
leave you to it. See you in two weeks, Spock. Doctor."

I held back from laughing 'til he was out of earshot and then reached
for Spock's bag, giving him an all too chaste peck on the cheek as I
did so.

He frowned and I thought I'd crossed the line, but instead he
asked: "Why have you taken my bag? Is it not more logical that I
should carry it?"

"Sure, but I never said I was logical. I'm just being a gentleman,
Spock, that's all."

"Fascinating," he said, raising an eyebrow.

I shook my head, still smiling. "Come on, my flitter's outside."

"We are not transporting to Georgia?" he asked, following reluctantly.

"You expect me to have my molecules scrambled when I don't have to?
No, sir. We're flying, Spock."

"As you wish."


The journey took a couple of hours, but once we got out of San
Francisco it was pretty quiet. We touched down just before
nightfall. Spock wasn't going to get to see the place 'til morning.
Course he'd get to see some other things soon enough.

"Home sweet home," I said, getting out of the flitter and stretching.

"Indeed," he said. He picked up his beg before I had the chance to
take it for him.

I bounded up the steps and unlocked the door then stood back to let
him pass. I followed him in and closed the door behind us. I turned
back around and found myself face to face with a very aroused Vulcan.

He reached out his hand and touched his fingers to mine in that
Vulcan thing, which, by the way, is much hotter than it looks. It
only seemed to get him even more worked him and pretty soon I was on
the receiving end of one hell of a kiss.

"I missed you too," I said once he pulled away.

"My apologies. That was inappropriate," he said, trying to back away.

I caught his arm. "No, Spock, it was very appropriate."


I woke the next morning feeling a lot better than I had in days. I
was contented with life. I moved closer to the warm form next to me.

"Pffft. What are you doing here?"

Unsurprisingly I didn't get any answer. The cat got up and walked
calmly to the other side of the bed then sat down and proceeded to
wash himself.

I looked round the room to find Spock sat cross-legged on the floor.
I think he'd been meditating. "I thought Hippocrates was you."

"I do not know if I like such a comparison," said Spock, rising
gracefully and coming to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I don't know, you've both got pointy ears, and you're both hairy.
And you've both got minds of your own."

"Who else's mind would I have, Len?"

"None but your own, Spock," I said, leaning forward to kiss him.
Before things could go any further I spoke up: "I don't know about
you, but I could eat a horse." I rolled out of bed and put on a robe.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression, but followed quickly
enough when I went downstairs.

I went into the kitchen and dug out some food. I threw Spock an
apple, which he deftly caught, then poured a drink for both of
us. "So, is there anything you want to do whilst you're here?"

"I can think of many things I would like to do," he said, sitting at
the kitchen table.

I took the seat opposite him and grinned. "Anything that you can
only do on Earth, Spock."

"I am under instruction to visit my grandmother."

"Where does she live?"

"In the British Isles. Scotland to be more precise. She moved back
there after my grandfather died."

I wasn't sure if it would be presumptuous of me to think that I might
be going so I concentrated on my breakfast.

"I do not wish to presume," he said, "but I would be grateful if you
would accompany me. My grandmother can be difficult sometimes."

"All relatives are difficult, Spock, and I'd love to come with you."

He nodded his head in thanks.

"Anything else you want to do? Any place you want to visit?"

"I do not know. It is a long time since I visited Earth as a
tourist. Where would you recommend?"

I leant back in my chair. "That's a difficult question, Spock. If
we're going to Scotland we could spend a few days in Europe
beforehand. Germany maybe, or France. Belgium even. With two weeks
we can't do that much, and I have plenty of plans that don't involve
leaving the house."

"Indeed? Would you care to enlighten me?"

"I might be persuaded," I said with a grin.


We spent the first few days around the house, though not all of it
was spent in bed. Spock discovered the small lake that backed onto
the garden and decided it was time for more swimming lessons. Not
that I objected, after all I had permission to ogle. I thought I
might even be able to persuade him to the merits of skinny dipping,
but that would have to wait. We were headed for Europe.

"You insist on flying?"

"Yes, Spock, I insist. It's not that bad, sure it takes time, but we
get to see where we're going. The Atlantic's a pretty amazing
sight. We just turn the autopilot on and sit back and relax."

He raised an eyebrow at me.

I threw an arm around him. "You ready to go?"

"I am prepared."

"Good. Let's go." I picked up my bag and waited for Spock to do the
same. He went out in front of me and I locked up before heading for
the flitter. Hippocrates wandered round the side of the house and
ran across to me. "I'm abandoning you, cat, leaving you to the
tender mercies of the next door neighbour." I picked him up and
rubbed his head before putting him on the porch rail. He didn't like
the flitter, probably because I once took off with him sat on top.

Spock was looking at me and I knew he was thinking about how
illogical it was to talk to the cat, but he managed not to say
anything. I grinned at him and we were off.


We spent a couple of days in Europe. Mostly we did the usual tourist
things, Eiffel Tower, Berlin Wall, Eugenics Memorial. It was nice to
be able to relax, to be tourists. It had been a long time since
either of us had done that. We didn't quite get to strolling arm in
arm, but spending time together was fun. Spock knows a lot more
about Earth history than I expected. I keep forgetting his mother's
Human, which he'd probably take as a compliment. What surprised me
most was him wanting to visit a place in Germany called Bremen. His
mother used to read him a story called 'The Musicians of Bremen' and
he wanted to see the place. He was like a little kid when we got
there, okay, a little Vulcan kid, but it made the trip more than

After that we went straight to Scotland. Spock's grandmother lives
in the capital city. It took us hours to get there from Paris, but
when we finally got there it was just the beginning of our troubles.

"Leonard, you are being flagged down," said Spock, looking out at the
traffic cop stood directly in front of us.

"No kidding," I said, slowing us down.

"I did not think you were going to stop."

"Of course I'm going to stop. You think I want to crash into the
guy?" I wound down the window and stuck my head out. "What's the

"I'm sorry, sir, but you can't travel within the city limits without
a permit." His accent was almost as bad as Scotty's.

"A permit? Well, how do I get one?"

"You can't, sir, not unless you live in the city. There's a bus
takes you into the city centre."

"Look, we're trying to get to his relatives not the city centre."

"I'm sorry, sir, but you and your husband will have to use public
transport. You can leave your flitter here."

I laughed, though I don't think the cop knew why. "Okay, but what
kind of a city doesn't let people in?"

"That's Edinburgh for you, sir."

I shook my head, but headed where he directed us anyway. "And you
didn't even buy me a ring," I said, glancing at Spock.

"I was not aware we were married, Len."

"It was back in Vegas, don't you remember?"

An eyebrow was creeping up his forehead. "I may have been

We touched down. "That would certainly explain some things." I
pulled my bag from behind me and got out.

Spock followed my lead and we went to the bus.


We spent the next few hours trying to cope with the public
transport. It wasn't pleasant. When we finally arrived at Spock's
grandmother's it was late evening and we were both tired.

The house was surprisingly large and probably far older than it
looked. Spock gave me one last look and then knocked on the door.

After a moment an elderly lady came to the door. "Spock!" She
pulled him in and kissed him. I wasn't the only one who ignored
Vulcan etiquette. "And a friend . . ."

"Leonard H McCoy, ma'am, at your service."

She shook my hand then turned to Spock. "A real gentleman you've got
here, Spock."

"Indeed," he said as we went into the house.

"I only wish you'd told me. I'll have to get another room ready."

"That will not be necessary," said Spock.

She frowned and then suddenly understood. "Oh."

"If you'd rather . . ." I trailed off, not knowing quite how to put

"Oh, no, I don't mind, only I'm a little surprised. Spock has never
seemed to be interested in such things."

I laughed. "Things change, Mrs Grayson."

"So it would seem. Now, you boys must be hungry, let's get you fed."


The room Spock and I were in had a large bay window that looked out
onto the street and that's where I was when Spock came up to bed. He
crossed over to me and touched a hand to the back of my neck before
leaning against the opposite edge of the window.

"You didn't tell me you were going to tell her."

He looked concerned. "Are you upset?"

"No, of course not. I'm happy, I just wasn't sure you'd want her to
know. Won't it get back to your parents?"

"Perhaps. I am not concerned."

I took his hand. "From what I know of Vulcan custom, informing
family members of a relationship is the beginning of open courtship."

"Yes," he said, touching his fingers to mine, "it would be
interpreted as such. I have acknowledged our relationship within my
family and that does imply that I intend to pursue this relationship."

"Only imply?" I asked, wishing he would stop what he was doing so I
could concentrate.

"I would not pursue a relationship without the consent of the other

I leant forward and kissed him. "Is that consent enough for you?"

He pulled back abruptly. "Will you let me show you something?"

I grinned, "Spock, you can show me anything."

"Please, Len."

"Of course you can, Spock."

He touched my cheek then spread his hand out, touching several points
on my face. "This may feel strange to begin with. If at anytime you
wish to stop, we will stop."

"I trust you," I said, and it seemed to be what he needed to hear.

"My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts."

I don't know how to describe what happened next. It was amazing, as
well as quite frightening. It was more intimate than sex, and if it
hadn't been Spock I know I wouldn't have wanted it. He was wonderful
and I knew he would stop if I asked. I knew so many things about him
and I guess he knew the same about me. According to Spock, we formed
a sort of telepathic link, but a very light one. He said it would
take conscious effort on both our parts to active the link. After
how the meld felt I knew I'd be making a helluva conscious effort.


Mrs Grayson was fantastic. She showed us all around town: the
castle, the Royal Mile. After lunch she took us up to a place called
Arthur's Seat and we could see the whole city. From what I gathered,
she hadn't seen Spock in quite some time and was determined to make
the most of the opportunity. She didn't seem to mind me either.

We had just had dinner and were sat in the front room when Mrs
Grayson noticed me staring longingly at her piano.

"Do you play?" she asked.

"I dabble, now and then."

"He is a most accomplished player," said Spock.

I smiled at him. "He's exaggerating."

"That would be lying, and Vulcans do not lie."

"Play something and then I'll be able to decide for myself."

"All right," I said, getting up. "What would you like to hear?"

"You choose," she said.

Spock stood up behind me and followed me to the piano. As I sat down
he put his hand on my shoulder and I felt what I can only describe as
a mental knock. I 'let him in'. <<Anything by Scott Joplin would
please her.>>

I smiled. <<Couldn't you have just told me that?>>

<<Yes. But this way she will not know.>>

<<And you get to mess about in my head.>>

<<That also.>>

I flexed my fingers and set to playing 'The Entertainer'. It was the
only thing I could remember. Spock kept his hand on my shoulder and
I could see what was happening as he perceived it. He didn't hear as
many bum notes as I did.

Mrs Grayson seemed pleased though. "Thank you, Leonard."

"My pleasure," I said with a smile.

"If you're interested, there's a music fair going on tomorrow. We
could all go."

I looked at Spock.

"If you wish it, Len."

"Let's go then."


We spent almost all of the next day at the fair. I was as bad as
Spock had been in Bremen, the only difference was that I made no
effort to hide my enthusiasm. There seemed to be every sort of music
imaginable and then some. I was pleased to note that both Spock and
Mrs Grayson avoided the modern music. I don't think I could love
someone who liked bad music. It struck me as odd then to think about
Spock and love in the same sentence, but I was close to it. Every
time I learnt something new about him I was fascinated. I knew that
was unlikely to continue, but it would be fun while it lasted.

It was late in the day when we found our way to the traditional
Scottish music. It wasn't a type of music I knew a great deal about,
but I was open to pretty much anything - musically at least.

Mrs Grayson read the details off the programme. "An open mike
session featuring a wide range of talented performers and good music."

"Open mike? Could be fun," I said as we found seats.

Spock gave me a look that told me he was far from convinced.

It took a while for it to get going but despite, or perhaps in spite
of the wide range of abilities, it was good fun. Some songs got the
audience singing along and they were all well received.

As the call went out for one last song, I could see a man get up and
a slim hand trying to stop him from doing so. The man turned his arm
and pulled what I could now see was a woman up with him. Even with
their backs to us, they looked familiar.

I turned to Spock. "Is that . . ."

"Yes, Len, it is Commander Scott and Lt Uhura."

Mrs Grayson leaned over. "You know those two?"

"I serve with them onboard the Enterprise."

"And did you know they could sing?"

"I was aware of Lt Uhura's abilities. I do not know about Mr Scott."

He turned to me and I shook my head. "I've only heard Scotty sing
when neither of us where in a position to consider the quality of the

"You mean you where inebriated."

"You could say that," I said with a smile. "Now be quiet so we can

Surprisingly enough Spock did as he was told and we turned our
attention back to the stage. Scotty and Uhura were stood in the
centre of the stage and were getting the microphones adjusted. It
was a pretty basic system so it didn't take very long. Nyota looked
far more nervous than I'd ever remembered her being when we performed
together. Scotty on the other hand looked relatively confident. I
wasn't sure which disturbed me more.

They sang a song that I found out later was called 'A Man's A Man'.
Ny was wonderful, as usual, but it was Scotty who impressed me more.
What I hadn't told Spock was that I remembered Scotty as being a
horrendously bad singer. He wasn't great, but he was far from bad.
The crowd was pretty impressed and I could see Scotty getting more
and more red. The host finally took pity on him and called the
evening to a close.

As people started to file out, Mrs Grayson asked Spock if he wanted
to invite Scotty and Uhura for dinner. He said he would so we hung
back to wait for them.


"May I ask, Mrs Grayson, what is this?"

She looked up from her plate. "It's called haggis, Leonard."

"Haggis?" asked Ny, "What exactly is in it?"

Mrs Grayson and Scotty exchanged looks. "It's probably better if you
don't know."

"It is?" she asked, pushing the haggis around with her fork.

"Aye, lass, it is, trust me. All you need to know is that it's meat
and barley."

"Except Spock's, his is vegetarian."

Scotty look horrified, so much so that I had to laugh. "Vegetarian?
No offence, Mr Spock, but vegetarian haggis is an abomination under
the sun."

"No offence taken, Mr Scott, though I must admit to being curious at
your reaction. An abomination?"

Before Scotty had a chance to respond, Mrs Grayson cut in. "He is
right, Spock, there is something terribly wrong with vegetarian
haggis, but, as you are my grandson, I will put up with it for your

"Thank you," said Spock, sounding very grave.

We were all silent for a moment and then the conversation drifted to
other topics.

"So, Mr Scott, whereabouts are you from?"

"Scotty, please. I was born near Inverness. And even though I did go
to school in Aberdeen in my heart I am a Highland man."

"And not averse to a drop of aqua vita?"

"Indeed no, Mrs Grayson," said Scotty with a twinkle in his eye.

"And you and Lt Uhura both work on the Enterprise?" Scotty and Ny
nodded. "But you both know Dr McCoy?"

Here Ny chipped in. "Len and I were stationed together a couple of
years ago. It was, quite frankly, the most boring planet you could
be assigned duty on, so Len and I started up singing to relive the
boredom. By the time Spock came along we were part of a fully
fledged band."

"And that's how you and Spock met?"

"It is," I said with a nod, leaving out that we only met because
someone tried to beat Spock up. I didn't think Mrs Grayson needed to
know that.

"So you and Leonard met several years ago? And you didn't tell

Spock squirmed in his seat. I must admit that I enjoyed watching
him. "At the time there was nothing to tell. Len and I lost contact
over the intervening years and it was only six months ago that we met
up again."

"Arkana," said Ny.

Scotty put his hand over hers. "Arkana."

A hush fell over the table. Mrs Grayson didn't understand why, but
she did realise something had happened there. I picked up my glass
and offered a toast. "To absent friends."

"Absent friends."


After dinner Nyota and I were roped into providing a little musical
entertainment, not that we needed much persuading. It had been more
than two years since we had last played together, but we fell back
into the old rhythm and it was as if we had never stopped playing. I
started with 'African Mailman' and was happy to see that Spock
remembered it. After that we started a medley of bits of songs that
we could remember. It made a fairy eclectic selection, but it seemed
to go down well.

"Hey, Lenny, there's a 'Fleet concert in Inverness tomorrow. Scotty
and I have a slot, I'm sure we could get you one, if you were

"What is there up there that's 'Fleet?"

"It's an communications hub outside of the city. There's less
interference up there for off planet communications."

"So long as it's not a bunch of engineers," I said, before ducking
out of Scotty's way.

"You're right, there's nothing worse than the warblings of a bunch of
engineers. Comm specialists, on the other hand, have real talent,"
said Ny, smiling sweetly at Scotty.

Scotty decided to ignore us both and turned to Spock. "Mr Spock,
would you like to accompany us North?"

Spock looked first at me and then after I nodded, at his grandmother.

"Go, Spock, enjoy yourself."

"You would be more than welcome to join us, Mrs Grayson," said Scotty.

"No, take the boys, show them some of our country and make them wish
they both came from it."

Scotty gave her a broad smile. "I promise to try, Mrs Grayson."


I found out the next morning that Scotty drives an antiquated ground
car that looks a lot like a tank. I made the fatal mistake of asking
him about it.

"Shouldn't this run on gasoline?"

Scotty, who had been sitting in the driver's seat waiting, popped
open the bonnet and got out of the car. "No, Len, I converted it.
Look here," he said, pointing at something within the engine. "Much
cleaner, and far more efficient. It was quite simple really; I took
out the old engine and replaced it with a hydrogen engine. Now it -"

"Scotty, you know Len understands that less than I do."

Scotty turned to Ny with a comic expression of sadness on his
face. "Aye, an engineer is never appreciated."

I clapped him on the shoulder. "That's 'cause you're all far smarter
than the rest of us." I clambered into the back seat to find Spock
had already got in the other side. "So, what d'you think of this?"

"I would prefer to use a transporter."

"Where's your sense of adventure?"

"I appear to have forgotten to pack it."


The drive took several hours and we got to Inverness for lunch.
Scotty showed us around the city with obvious pride. If I remembered
my history correctly, the Third World War and the Eugenics War didn't
affect this part of the world so most of the city was as it had been
hundreds of years ago. After lunch we headed out to the
Communications centre. It took almost as long to get to there as it
had taken from Edinburgh to Inverness. Scotty seemed to take
perverse pleasure in throwing the car around on the rough roads. His
driving was almost enough to make me wish we had used a transporter,
but only almost enough. It was more than enough to make me very
thankful that Scotty was an engineer and not a pilot.

Spock, on the other hand, looked quite unwell. I was about to get
Scotty to stop when we arrived at the comm station. The ultra
modern, hi-tech building looked very out of place in the rough-hewn
landscape, but it did serve a purpose. We got out of the car, well,
fell out in my case. Scotty and Nyota went straight in, but I held
Spock back.

"You okay?"

"It will pass," he said.

I touched my hand to his cheek. <<Are you sure?>>

<<Yes.>> His voice was warm in my mind and I found myself smiling.

"Let's go join the others then."

He nodded his assent and we went inside. Nyota and Scotty were stood
talking to a fairly senior man who was probably the base's commander.

"Gentlemen," he said as we approached, "Lt Uhura tells me that one of
you wants to perform tonight."

"That would be me, sir. Leonard McCoy."

"You don't look like a communication's officer."

I laughed. "No, I'm a doctor, on leave from the disaster squad."

"I didn't think you boys got leave," he said with a slight frown.

"Only if we promise to behave."

"Well, from what the Lieutenant says we should be glad to have you."


And it had all been going so well. I was quite a way through. I had
chosen 'You and I'; it seemed appropriate. I got to the chorus
before they interrupted me.

"You know I never could foresee the future,
You know I never could see where life was leading me,
But will we be together forever,
What will be, my love, can't you see that I just don't know?"

The music stopped suddenly and all eyes turned to the main door to
the hall. "Do we have a Leonard McCoy in here? I have a priority
message from Starfleet Medical for a Dr McCoy."

I jumped down from the stage and with only a brief glance at Spock I
left the room.


When I returned, someone else had started up. Spock saw me as soon
as I entered the room and he came out to meet me.

"Something has happened," he said flatly.

"Yes. They need me, otherwise they wouldn't have gone to such
trouble to find me. I'm to transport up to the Prometheus from here
as soon as I can. They mean now, Spock, not sometime soon."

"So this time you will leave me."

"I wish I didn't have to," I said, touching his shoulder. "I have a
bag in Scotty's tank, I should go get it."

"I will go," he said, "You must take your leave of Mr Scott and Lt

"Thanks, Spock." I watched he leave and then went to see the
others. They were both waiting to see what the message had been. "I
have to leave. Something went wrong somewhere and they need my help."

"I'm sorry, Len," said Nyota.

"So am I, but that doesn't change anything." I looked towards the
door and found Spock already waiting. "You take good care of him,
you hear?"

"We will, don't worry."

"Thanks, Scotty. I'll see you soon," I said before leaving and going
over to Spock.

"Your bag," he said. I moved to take it from him, but he wouldn't
let me have it. "I am being a gentleman, Len."

I laughed, "All right, you win." I curled an arm into his. "Escort
me to the tranporter room, good sir."

I could feel his mirth, but his face didn't change.

When we got to the transporter room he let me have my bag back. I
spoke briefly to the tranporter operator then stepped up to the
platform. I turned back to Spock. "I love you, you know?"

"I know," he said.

I tore my gaze away from him and said: "Energise." Moments later I
was gone.


I was sent to a place called Capella. It wasn't a place I would like
to visit again, but I was there to do a job and I would do it. I had
a few more months to serve on the squad and then I would get a new
assignment. I didn't know what it would be, but I was looking
forward to a less stressful job. I didn't think anything could be
more stressful than the disaster squad.

It was only later that I discovered why Spock had been so gentlemanly
about my bag. Inside, hidden in a side pocket was a cloth bag.
Inside that was a small gold ring. It was identical to the one my
father had given to me when I turned twenty-one. I lost that ring
shortly after my father died and had never found it again. I had
considered buying a replacement, but felt that that was somehow
wrong. This however, was very right.

As I slipped it on the little finger of my left hand, I smiled. It
might just turn out all right after all.

End (Thank the Great Bird)