Your Blue Eyes

  By Estellio

Your Blue Eyes.

How can you look at me with burning blue eyes?

Churning to chaos the order of my mind?

Burning azure holes into my soul,

Making my heart beat fast against bone.

Why when you walk in the room does it hurt,

Cause butterflies in my stomach to flutter and jerk,

My logic to crumble, my fašade to slip?

Why do I yearn for the touch of your lips?

Oh Doctor, why can’t you understand,

These emotions I feel have no place in my land.

Though I seem cold and devoid of care,

Know this Leonard, I love you, Always.

A/N: I wrote this as a lead up to a story I’m probably never going to post or finish…maybe if I get some good reviews I will (Kneels down and prays to the gods of reviewing) well, hope you like it. No flames because of the pairing, it was clearly labelled so I’ll just laugh at you if you do, constructive criticism is welcomed and adored.