Why Is there a Strange Creature with My S/Mc?

They call me the Alpha of the Pack.
Name: Tempest Coyote or Coyote Jack
Age: The Alpha and the Omega
Location: The S.S. Democritus Also, I carved the S/Mc caverns with my bare hands. And my bear hands.
Species: Vulcanoid-Coyote
Occupation: Pirate. Bartender. Bureaucrat in Training (BIT).
Weaponry: The Broadsword of Doom.
Why Would I Want This Crazy Pirate as an Employee?: Hard-working. Single-minded dedication to S/Mc. Super Bar-tending skills. Natural born Bureaucrat. Speaks and writes Golic Vulcan fluently. Telepathic and manipulative.
Top Five TOS Episodes: 1) #39: Mirror, Mirror. 2)  #63: The Empath. 3) #22: The Return of the Archons. 4) #34: Amok Time. 5) #48: The Immunity Syndrome
Favorite Star Trek Film: Hands-down, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
Favorite Sign of Affection: Cupping a beloved's chin.
Favorite Kink in stories: Hypnosis and mind control
S/Mc song personification of the week: "I would Do Anything for Love" by Meatloaf

Just Why Is There a Crazy Person with My S/Mc?
I'm here becase I'm the personification of S/Mc. I came into existance with the single, slashiest S/Mc moment of all time and much like the young woman in the Irish folktale, who would only live as long as bluebells lived, I will live as long as S/Mc exists in the minds and computers of my kinsmen. Much like McDonald's: I'm loving it.

Tempest Coyote: Webmaster

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